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dream haremEvery group of women symbolises femininity in the dream. In this case it concerns a very sensuous and body-related variation of the female principle. If a man dreams that he is in a harem, then this shows that he fights meeting the complexity of the female nature, particularly in phases of the sexual ‘unterdemand’. What is not possible in the reality, is compensated in the dream if the harem ladies fulfil all conceivable erotic extra wishes. Who dreams more often of it, suffers from lacking (male) self-confidence and dreams in the most true sense of the word of being sexually attractively and a popular man. However, the dreaming possibly stands also in respect with a certain woman in the harem. If a woman dreams of a harem, this signals that she knows about her extravagance and sensuousness. At another level the dream expresses her need to belong to a women’s group.


At the spiritual level the harem in the dream symbolises the playful nature of the big mother.




  • for women: Annoyance in the love have,
  • for men: big love affairs exist.

(European ones).:

  • see one: the truth appears, – things which one hid before others, are object of clap and gossip, – at the end one will triumph,
  • own one: own energy on shallow sensuous joys wastes, – the life holds ready pleasant if one steers the sexual wishes properly,
  • Dreaming a woman to be a member of a harem she maintains despicable love affairs, because her wishes are ordinarily directed on married men.
  • she drives

  • Being a woman the favorite woman in a harem, better than other in material comfort, however, this preference is from short duration.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Harem

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