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dream hamHam embodies a life setting which is aimed too strongly on material values and pleasure, – after Old-Indian dream interpretation this announces that though it goes well at the moment what will change later, however.


The dream symbol ham points to the Pobaken and the thighs and causes ‘dirty’ association.




  • see: a present receive,
  • shop: external prosperity is in the foreground with you,
  • eat: you live about your relations, your modesty is not real.

(European ones).:

  • sexual dream: Desirable life and instinctual life are prevailing, – also: if danger promises, because one for intrigues use becomes,
  • shop or see: one wishes material prosperity and one should not exaggerate this,
  • see hanging: Success in the business and an unconcerned life,
  • thickens ham discs take a short-cut: one will assert himself against all opponents,
  • prepare: points to thoughtful treatment,
  • smell that ham is cooked: one becomes a beneficiary in the enterprises more different,
  • eat: Child blessing, – wealth and happy family life, – also: prophesies the loss from a little bit very much to valuable, – one has kept himself something, and this still hurts, one acts very much give, however, deeply inside one wishes, actually, more,
  • ham trader be: it expects to a wealth and good health.


  • eat: now prosperity, during the old misfortune, – your living conditions will get worse.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ham

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