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dream harvestWhile the dreaming takes part in his dream in the harvest or maybe in a harvest party, he celebrates his own life energy. It is the right decision to use this strength in such a way that it allows good crops also in the future. Harvest is a favorable portent for own personal arrangements, the wish to conclude begun successfully. Here the work yields fruit, the dreaming introduces the yields which he owes to the past learning situations. The saying: ‘As one sows, one harvests’ meant who does good, in that good is done. If the dreaming experiences the harvest as a reward for a positive action manner, he affirms with it his own activities. Therefore, good harvest promises success and fulfilment of wishes, bad ones announces failures, disappointments and a scanty time, – but new sowing allows to hope. The harvest sometimes also expresses that one longs for more recognition of the others, feels from them maybe misjudged, – this must be more exactly analysed and be changed possibly. A time going to the bending which allows to expect a carefree old age for older people is often described with the harvest in autumn. Dreams of reaping in flames were interpreted traditionally as a token of a menacing famine or close death. In a modern – and particularly an urban – connection such dreams can mean that thin times approach.


Every kind of harvest shows fertility, in particular spiritual fertility. On the other hand, harvest also the death can be connected with the dream symbol.




  • see a good one: your wishes will soon come true,
  • introduce a rich one: big luck and prosperity, – all strains are recompensed, – professional success is to be expected,
  • introduce a scanty one: Price increase and heavy times,
  • by storm disturbed ones: Annoyance with the family or the relatives,
  • reaper: a bride comes to the house and brings luck.


  • an ambivalent symbol: A good harvest means social security and luck in the love, a bad one warns about the envy more different and about exploiters. They should be careful, in any case and allow to prevail in all interests care. What counts currently, is to be watchful and not to be glad too early about success and better times.

(European ones).:

  • longing for the life success and the recognition of the performed, – harvest time is a herald of prosperity and joy,
  • see holding: Wage of the diligence,
  • harvest: announced pleasing things,
  • introduce: if good inheritance,
  • promises

  • introduce a rich harvest: all efforts will be soon recompensed,
  • of farm workers see introducing: very luck-promising omen, particularly for lovers,
  • see a good one: quick fulfilment of wishes,
  • by storm disturbed ones: if annoyance means in the family or relationship,
  • as a stranger are present at one: if fulfilment of the wishes registers,
  • bad ones: if bad premeaning, – failure,
  • has

  • crop of potatoes: heavy work,
  • fruit harvest: light salary and profit,
  • harvest rye, oat or barley: if good health promises with plentiful living,
  • run themselves hay: one is closed to a person very much, and this connection will intensify.


  • good, reaches: your wishes will come to fulfilment,
  • drive: though an inheritance approaches you, however, one wants to keep waiting you still,
  • in bad weather: you cannot use your advantage.

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