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dream guitarIn the dream guitar music can announce a new romance. Guitar music and the instrument express romanticism and creative creativity. Guitar is understood in the same sense like fiddle.


Every music instrument in the dream shows the need of the dreaming for rest, relaxation and harmony. Guitar deals like most stringed instruments with Cupid, the complete devotion in desire and love. Thus should have the dreamer who himself plays on the guitar, sexual wishes which came up to now to no fulfilment. If one hears guitar play, however, this points more to the pleased company with dear people.



At this level the guitar in the dream expresses the wish of the dreaming for spiritual harmony.



  • see: you will have luck in the love,
  • hear playing wrong: Incommodities get to know,
  • harmonious play listen in: may hope for a new dear romance,
  • play wrong: Annoyance in a society experiences, – one should watch out to accept a present of a friend not thoughtlessly,
  • play harmoniously: one wishes a new passionate respect.

(European ones).:

  • promises pleasure as well as also bad society in which one can get by good friends, – also: luck-like sign for dear problems, provided that the music prepares for a joy, – interruptions are a bad sign,
  • own or on one play: one will fall in love, – in the family everything runs very well,
  • the guitar sounds strange: one should take before flatteries and Überredung in eight, because one runs the risk to be led into temptation by an amusing evil, – for a man: he loses because of enticing women the head,
  • Being the guitar unstringed or broken, means for a young woman with certainty a disappointment in the love.


  • you will receive a present.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Guitar

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