dream glacier


dream glacierGlacier mostly encloses the area of own feelings, – like ice can signal he that one must attach more meaning to feelings not to become impoverished psychically. However, now and again it also promises success by laborious work if one goes about a glacier.


The dreamscape of the everlasting ice has something menacing in itself, nevertheless, it points to the freezing of all feelings, on the respect numb to ice.

  • Who overcomes the glacier, for that a time of the love and affection begins in the awake life.
  • this is

  • Overthrowing the dreaming in a glacier column, a tip to the fact that he danger runs spiritually and emotionally to solidify.



  • see: one treats you chilly and unfriendly,
  • stand before one: A separation of a beloved person possibly approaches.

(European ones).:

  • see: Decline of the shops,
  • besides,

  • see a woman: if the end of a love affair tells in,
  • with own woman or friend stand on one: points to quick separation,
  • stand at the foot of such: one is in a very unsafe situation,
  • only

  • stand on one: Overcoming many difficulties.


  • mount: you will see your wish full.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Glacier

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