dream garter


dream garter

  • have: you will get in a desperate situation,
  • find: you will find no requited love, win also dear luck.

(European ones).:

  • dear luck,
  • both loosen and slide down: big bad luck,
  • lose: Evil will pursue you, – the coming bad luck,
  • is found it by somebody and is returned to one: Sign for the fact which will help a loyal friend one in a difficulty – keeps to themselves the other person the tape, the difficulties will increase by the insincerity of a being close person,
  • Finding a man the garter of his lovers, forecasts for him the loss of respect for the woman. Moreover, he will find rivals.
  • to A married man announces a garter that his woman comes behind his love affairs and makes to him a violent scene.
  • Dreaming a woman that she loses her garter points to a jealous lover.
  • admired a woman in the dream jewel-occupied garters in her legs, a disappointment approaches in the private life, – also her respect will suffer. If she dreams that her lover fastens the garters to her, she will keep his affection and loyalty.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Garter

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