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dream guillotineA guillotine in the dream refers to something irrational in the personality of the dreaming. Maybe he is afraid to lose the self-control or parts of his personality. Possibly he is aware of his injury of his personality or dignity. Guillotine can energetically ask to make a decision in a matter, finally. In general the symbol often warns about the fact that one do not live ‘too top-heavy’, may not overemphasize so the mind to loads of the psyche.


The dreaming recognises the potential in himself to lose the contact with a beloved person or with own dear property.



At the spiritual level the guillotine has the function to separate something. The dreaming of his ideals or spiritual longings possibly feels cut-off.



  • you defeats your enemies.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will get to hear a destructive judgment, but, nevertheless, it will still turn to everything to the best,
  • to themselves see lying under one: one expects a decision, however, is not sure whether it is favorable or unfavorable,
  • of an execution are present: one will become a witness of an accident.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Guillotine

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