A dream about a girl usually has a lot to do with your spiritual and emotional side. It signals that you should be prepared to face all situations that come your way.

A female figure in a dream has always been associated with matters of the soul, so your dream may show the tenderness within you.


Remember that you should consider all the details of the dream:

  • How the girl is dressed.
  • Whether she is looking at you.
  • Whether she is passing by or smiling.

This will help you better understand the meaning of the dream.

Dream meaning girl

You see a girl

The image of a girl symbolizes femininity, tenderness, and sensitivity. The dream may mean that you need to feel protected and loved by someone.

If you were thinking of starting a family, it may be a manifestation of your desire that you would like to have a daughter.


If you dream that you are blonde and surrounded by people with dark hair, it means that you know you are on the right track. It can also mean that you want to stand out from your peers. Whatever you are doing, you are doing well, and you will achieve your goal.

The dream also indicates an improvement in your finances. You will be hit with favorable investment or cooperation opportunities.



The dream for a man can mean the type of beauty that fascinates him and attracts him. For a woman, on the other hand, the dream may mean that she needs to regain her strength and independence.

Black-skinned girl

The dream indicates that you need independence. You may be looking for the financial independence an excellent job offers because you find the current one overwhelming.

The dream usually represents a desire for liberation. It can also symbolize your feeling that you are not appreciated enough and want to change that. You may want to become independent of your parents or family, who keep giving you orders.

Beautiful girl

A dream about a beautiful girl signals progresses at work. This is an excellent time to spread your wings and reveal your ideas and talents. You will achieve success, and others will support you in your ideas.

Obese girl

Such a dream usually indicates an improvement in your financial situation. This is an excellent time to correct your debts, take on new jobs and assignments, or invest money.

A girl you know

The dream may indicate that you have been thinking about this person lately. If she was recently introduced to you, the dream reveals that you are afraid of what she thinks and you are anxious in her presence.

Everyone goes through an identity crisis at some point in life. You are living in a phase where your self-esteem is threatened. Restrain your emotions and try to find yourself. If you can’t do it on your own, seek help.

Girlfriend unknown to you

If you have a partner, the dream may express insecurity. It means you do not trust this person; he awakens negative emotions in you.


The dreambook suggests that something new is coming. It may involve a desire to expand your knowledge, make changes, and improve your situation. If you notice that a strange woman is not physically attractive, it can be interpreted as a bad omen. For example, you are making mistakes and will suffer the consequences.

If you are a woman and dream about an unknown girl, it means that you are wrong in many situations. Analyze your behavior and be careful; you can damage your reputation without even realizing it.

A girl who pleases me

If a beautiful girl appears in your dream, you are lucky. The dreambook assures you that everything worrying you in the paci and financial sphere will resolve in your favor. Financial success will entail congratulations from co-workers and superiors.

A girl I like

The dream shows that you are thinking about the relationship with this woman; you may want to end it or make some changes to your relationship. Pay attention to where the dream takes place, how you behave, and what you talk about.

My ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend

The dream indicates your emotions. Depending on what kind of relationship you had, the meaning of the dream can be interpreted differently. If the girl in the dream is indifferent to you, it means that a particular stage of life has finally closed; if you are jealous of her, you still have unresolved issues with your ex-boyfriend.

A friend’s girlfriend

The dream suggests that you are trying to be irresponsible even though you know you are doing wrong. It’s time to grow up and make a decision. Learn a lesson for the future.

Girlfriend in lingerie

The dream foretells that you will get closer to this person or strengthen your ties with her. It can also mean getting to know this person better. The symbol of the color of the underwear is also significant.

Another meaning of the dream is to be more careful about threats.


Naked girl

The dream is associated with the discovery of the truth. You may feel that people around you are not sincere or hiding something. You may feel that you see a lot of hypocrisy and toxic relationships.

You probably feel vulnerable and fragile. This may be due to some recent event.

Girl dressed in black

The dream suggests sadness in your life, and you feel desolation. If you are a woman and in the dream, you are dressed in black, it means that you have great emotional dilemmas.

Girl in a white dress

The meaning of the dream suggests health problems. You’d better take precautions and get a medical check-up, just in case. The dream may also indicate that you are at the right time to grow and mature for new tasks and social roles.

Girl in a wedding dress

If you see a girl in a wedding dress in your dream, it may indicate a desire to formalize your relationship. For young single women, the dream foretells love and a stable future.

My girlfriend with another

The dream may foretell professional success. Another meaning of the dream is the deterioration of the relationship with the person you saw in the dream with your girlfriend. Suppose this was a person unknown to you. In that case, you might feel insecure in your relationship, worried that you do not meet your partner’s requirements.

My girlfriend cheats on me.

According to the dreambook, the betrayal of a girlfriend means changes in your personal and professional life. You will have to make some critical decisions. Some of them will concern your work. The dream can also mean that you overestimate your strength.

You are kissing a girl.

If you dream of kissing an unknown girl, you will encounter problems, but you will solve them quite quickly. If the girl from the dream is your sister, it means that you will get along well with her; if you recognize your mother in the girl from the dream, it means that happiness will not leave you.


If you are a woman and dream that the girl kisses you on the forehead, you feel fragile and vulnerable; you need a friend who will support you. If a girl from your dream kisses you on the cheek, it means a desire to resolve the dispute between you and your friend because you miss his company.

If a girl kisses you on the lips, it may mean that you should take a break and start loving and appreciating yourself more.

You make love to a girl

The dream – regardless of gender – can be a vision of your desires. If you are a man, it signifies sexual desire. Still, it also indicates that you are competing with a woman.

A girl on your lap

You are worried about something; it may be related to your responsibility to someone, which causes a lot of fatigue in your body and mind and stress. Maybe you allow others too much, or maybe you are overprotective. Don’t try to solve other people’s problems.

Playing girl

The dream means good luck for those who play games. Your good attitude towards some people will also improve their well-being. Continue to try to help others.

Smiling girl

You need to pay more attention to what really brings you happiness. Pay more attention to the people who love and support you. Give them more time and attention.

Sleepy girl

You have the determination to pursue your goals and confidence in yourself; you know what you want. Although those around you do not always support your choices, persevere in your resolve, and you will succeed.

Pregnant girl

A dream about a pregnant girl can indicate a huge disappointment. It shows that you feel that despite all your efforts, you are not achieving anything.


You don’t have what you want and need to know whether to continue fighting. It’s better to take a different path. Be careful because you may soon experience great embarrassment. You will do something you will regret.

Girl with child

The meaning of the dream may vary, depending on your waking situation. The dream can augur trouble and additional responsibilities in connection with various situations in the family. For some, it can mean a quick wedding.

Crying girl

You are tired or disappointed. The dream expresses your helplessness in the face of a situation. You need rest. Another dream meaning is that you have done something unfair to someone you know and feel guilty.

There is something or someone in your life that does not allow you to make the right decisions, which causes unhappiness and frustration. Resolve the situation as quickly as possible and move forward.

Problems are like stones on the road; it is necessary to move them if you want to move on and reach your destination.

Sick girl

The dream signals that you have a lot of worries that you don’t know how to deal with. The dream also reveals your fears, such as those related to losing a partner or job.

The dream warns that if you are overloaded with work, you must find time for yourself and start a normal and healthy lifestyle because your health will suffer. Be sure to make time for physical activity and your hobbies.

Dead girl

You are coming out of a challenging period in your life. This means that it will be a time of relief and peace. Expect good surprises, including excellent financial stability.


Many girls

The dream is a sign that your family will grow; it could be the birth of a child or a wedding. Many girls in a dream mean joy, contentment, and fun in pleasant company. Happy moments await you.

Meaning of the dream girl

  • You see a girl – you need to feel protected and loved by someone
  • Blonde – you will achieve your goal
  • Brunette – regain your strength and independence
  • Black girl – it would help if you had independence and liberation
  • Beautiful girl – spread your wings, reveal your ideas and talents
  • Obese girl – your financial situation will improve
  • Girl, you know – you are going through an identity crisis; try to find yourself
  • Unknown to you, girl – something new is coming
  • A girl I like – financial success awaits you
  • A girl I like – there are changes in your relationship with your partner
  • Girlfriend of my ex-boyfriend – you still have emotions for your former partner
  • Girlfriend of a colleague – you know you are doing wrong, be responsible
  • Girlfriend in lingerie – beware of threats
  • Naked girl – you will discover the truth about others
  • Girl dressed in black – you feel sadness and emptiness
  • Girl in a white dress – take care of your health
  • Girl in a wedding dress – love and a stable future is coming
  • My girlfriend with another – professional success is coming
  • A girl cheats on me – you will have to make crucial decisions
  • If you kiss a girl – you will encounter problems, but you will solve them quite easily
  • You make love to a girl – you are competing with a woman
  • Girl on your lap – don’t try to solve other people’s problems
  • Playing girl – you will be lucky in games
  • Smiling girl – pay more attention to people who love and support you
  • Sleeping girl – you know what you are looking for in life, persevere in your resolution, and you will achieve success
  • Pregnant girl – you are disappointed, and you may do something you will regret
  • Girl with child – there will be additional responsibilities in the family
  • Crying girl – you need rest; resolve the conflict situation as soon as possible
  • Sick girl – you have a lot of worries that you do not know how to deal with
  • Dead girl – a time of relief and peace is coming
  • Many girls – joy, contentment, fun are coming

dream girl

Association: – developing receptive or yin quality. Question: – Where in my life I learn to be receptive?

In general:

Girl can indicate immature sexuality or beginning love. If she appears in man’s dreams, point these sexual wishes often daring on not yet adults which are valid in the awake life as not quite morally. With a pretty girl play around deals less with the desirable fulfilment in the love than rather with unnecessary expenditures and the dalliance becomes the Vertändeln. The kiss of a girl indicates that one makes himself ridiculous if one does not rein sexual desires better.


In the man’s dream girls are often valid as a symbol for playful, ‘unused’ eroticism – and for the wish for sexual experiences with a very inexperienced (young) girl who has ‘still no possibilities of comparison’ – what is felt as a tempting advantage if it is not ordered around own male self-confidence so well. In the women’s dream it is a tip to own, girl-like being side or to the wish for childish carefree nature. Seeing women to itself even as a girl, although they are already during the ripe years, can be translated also with last-minute panic or with the fear not to look general any more engagingly enough on the beloved man or on men.


The dream face of a girl prophesies us that the exit of a thing is worse than the beginning, – as well as material losses, because girls need a dowry.



  • see a young one: you are threatened by challenges, – protects you from careless actions,
  • see a young pretty one: one should be more careful with the expenditure during the coming days a little,
  • of young ones see surrounding: soon nice hours in pleasant society experience, – one expects you in love, – also for man: one should moderate his dear desire something,
  • from young and clarify are kissed: one is loved in sincerely,
  • kiss a nice one: one is careful with his forces, because the desirable life threatens to damage to one,
  • kiss the ugly or are kissed: in dear things experience a heavy disappointment, – get in melancholy and heart grief,
  • see laughing: one will become disloyal to you,
  • see crying: Luck in the love have, – also: an undesirable pregnancy can approach, – also: you will betray your love,
  • see dancing: you will get a hot kiss,
  • hit: fall out with a beloved person,
  • pursue: your passions lead to no good end.


  • of a girl to dream is a request on more courage and determination. Since the hesitation and undecided being to which the person concerned inclines costs him to time, success and, in the end, also enjoyment of life. If he does not know the girl, a basic change of the living conditions announces itself. (Man


(European ones).:

  • if not around an easy sexual dream, it concerns back recollection or conversion in the desirable life and in the planning, – also: astonishing news, – a long, delayed answer will reach them, finally,
  • for man in general: Disappointments,
  • for woman in general: luck-promising dream in the matter of love,
  • see the pretty, radiating: if pleasant perspectives and joy announce at home, – also: one should hold together his money during the coming days,
  • thinly and pale: one will have in the family a sick person and many incommodities,
  • several young ones see: if brings happy society,
  • for men, are swarmed by these and are surrounded: one should rein his dear desire something, otherwise one is mocked,
  • has young kiss: means that one can make himself ridiculous easily by premature actions,
  • kiss a girl: one should not overestimate his strength, – own wishes could damage to one,
  • are kissed by young nice ones: Disillusionment after passing drunkenness,
  • with young ones dance: sends a reminder to the rule about his desires,
  • has young in the shirt see: if a sign is for luck and joy,
  • by laughing ones be surrounded: one is the aim of banter or persiflages,
  • laughing ones: indicate at heart grief,
  • weeping ones: announce big embarrassment, – one will get a child,
  • see the small: Luck, – – dressed in white ones see: meant a heartening affection,
  • see doing domestic work: if means wedding,
  • Dreaming a man to be a girl he will be willing-weak or will play actor and in women’s roles.
  • is for women, one or one accompany: They want to escape from the responsibility and ‘return at more innocent’ times of the life.


  • the nice: big expenditures,
  • kiss: a happy surprise,
  • see crying: one will betray you,
  • see dancing: Dear luck.
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