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dream greenAssociation: – Growth, – clarity, – healing by growth. Question: – In which area of my life do I grow?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Inexperiencedly, – growth, – new energy, – Verjüngung, – restoring, – deep healing, – mother earth, – frog clan, – Shawnodese, southern guardian of the mind, – moon of the maize sowing, – cleaning, – renewal, – northern soul path, – wisdom, – eastern soul path. Description: Green is connected as a colour with a whole series of positions in the medicine wheel. Forest green hears to mother earth, green with brown to the tortoise’s clan or earth clan, green with blue to the frog clan or water clan, – Yellow and green belong to the south and to Shawnodese, the southern guardian of the mind, white and green to the moon of the maize sowing (from the 21st of May to the 20th of June), and Pale green stands for the external, Dark green for the middle northern soul path and hunting green, finally, for the eastern soul path. Green is a colour ruling in the medicine wheel because it also seems in the nature widespread. Green the colour of the growing plant people and on photos of the planet the earth which were taken up from all from beside blue is strongest represented. This green visible from so big distance marks the wooded areas of the planet, the rich parts of mother earth which are covered with trees, bushes and undergrowth. From these areas come the water, which the fresh air and the oxygen, all things which we need if the life on the earth should survive. Today these green surfaces are threatened because the person clears the rain forests. General meaning: The rich, primary, water-containing parts of your nature, – the awaking earth, – your own awakening, – new growth, – new beginnings, – Verjüngung. Association: Green in the face if one feels sick, – inexperiencedly, stupidly. Transcendent meaning: Understand of your own healing powers, – advance knowledge of a healing which you will find out. Belt animal key words: Armament on top, – vulnerability below, – protection. Description: The belt animal, a mammal whose back with heavy osseous records is reinforced has like the porcupine a soft, unprotected belly. It digs with pleasure, in particular close to stream courses, can run fast and swim about short distances. General meaning: Your armament, – that what you put between your essence and the world. Association: – Transcendent meaning: To recognise support in it, the mask behind which you are hidden from the world, – Recognise to your true nature.


In general:

Green symbolises hopes, sensations and the spring. The colour points to the fact that dear luck, prosperity and joy approach. Only the toxic green has a negative portent – it is worth as a colour of the devil.


The colour of the spring, hope, the sensations, stands for the respect of the dreamer with the reality, to the easy life to which he should give more attention because he cannot escape from the reality. If in the spring everything ergrünt, meant this growth and new life. In the dream the green mostly has a positive meaning, in some cases it can also stand as a symbol for unripeness.



  • colour: your future will develop favourably. Your hopes come true.

(European ones).:

  • symbol of the growth of the plants, the untouched nature, but also the toxic-green, so worthless,
  • as a colour: if means generally good,
  • greens eyes see: points to loyal friends,
  • see green face: one will have to maintain a sick person,
  • green water: good advancement,
  • carry green dress: if brings luck.

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