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dream grainGrain deals as fruit with prosperity, material security and wage for the work. A dream, in the grain, so, for example, wheat, oat, rye, spelt or barley, a role plays, can refer to a harvest. The dreaming has created in the past possibilities which yield now fruit. Provided, he looks for the result of these possibilities, then it will be possible to him to speed up his success and to create even more abundance. In addition, grain mostly symbolises fertility and can show new life – it is a pregnancy or new developments in other regard. Besides, the following accompanying circumstances are to be followed:

  • grain can see to point out to future prosperity and security by hard work, as well as on this all his plans succeed.
  • grain, – the fruit which the field carries is run to strengthen ours I.
  • The grain points out to the fact that before the pleasure hard work stands if we want to bring it to something. A surging grain-field with heavy fruit makes clear this also.
  • If, however, thunderstorms and storm the harvest destroy, we should not mourn the lost time, but shift our strains in the awake life to another area.
  • luxuriant grain-fields show that the dreaming mental ones is compensated and lives in satisfaction.
  • of dried or laid waste grain against it refers to a shaken assurance.
  • mow grain, introduce or thresh often announces that the material worries soon are to an end and can be considerably increased by diligence his income.
  • grain shop registers against the fact that own work is not sufficient to turn away worries and need.


All varieties of grain are valid as a symbol for spiritual and physical processes, needs etc. – it is about the sowing (idea and application), around the growth (strain and development) and, in the end, about the experience (harvest and value). After such dreams the question positions itself in which area of life something should be begun or be invested – and what one would feel quite personally then as a ‘rich harvest’. If the dreaming sees a ripe grain-field in his dream, this maybe means that he is at the summit of the success that he has invested up to now enough trouble in his life and has reached, hence, optimum growth. In the traditional interpretation grain was valid as a symbol for success (the proverbial ‘rich harvest’) after hard strain.



At the spiritual level grain can symbolise the germ of the life and the need of the dreaming to discover the concealed truth. In addition, it is a symbol of the big mother.


The ordering of the field is for marrying and for childless of good premeaning, – the arable land means nothing else than the woman, the seeds and the plants the children namely to wheat the sons and barley the daughters, it indicates legumes, however, miscarriages, – to all remaining people strain and hardship. Grain sheaves, ear bundles and sheaf heaps indicate delays in the shops and drudgery, – then they are not processed yet for the food.



  • see: View of good income,
  • on the field see: rich blessing comes to the house,
  • grain-fields: if luck and fertility, – (3, – promises 4)
  • mow: a good employment receive, – also: the shops go well,
  • harvest (Drive home): Luck in the lottery have,
  • pile up: your work brings success and wealth,
  • destroy: heavy misfortune appears.

(European ones).:

  • announces advantage and profit, with some thrift and hard work,
  • see: meant abundance, if large amount, poverty and lack with tiny amount,
  • grain-fields: if honour and a sure position,
  • promise

  • mow or introduce: the worries come to an end,
  • shop: Worries gather, that own ‘stocks’ go to the bending,
  • own a lot: own prosperity will grow even further,
  • own a little: losses according to feeling and also material threaten in the next time,
  • see grain grain: extremely positively, – wealth and luck indicate,
  • the dream of the grain grain property announces

  • of A young woman. She will meet rich men whom they adore.


  • mow: finally, your long need has an end,
  • see in ears: Luck, profit,
  • in large quantities: Wealth, abundance,
  • in tiny amounts: Poverty.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Grain

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