Genitals - dream meaning

Meaning of dream Genitals :

If the dream of own genitals acts, this one direct connection with own sexuality has. If the genitals of the dreaming are mutilated in his dream, this could be a tip to abuse in the past or in the present. A dream of genitals with men can have if it is no unambiguously sexual dream, a relation on general efficiency, with women on the menstruation or the wish for conception.


If in the dream the genitals of another person play a role, this points to a sexual respect with these people. If a woman dreams of the genitals of a man (or vice versa a man of the genitals of a woman), this can also be a request to the dreaming to deal with his countersexual side. He meets of his Anima or his Animus. The genitals less actions sexual the tools, than symbolise the other rather the vitality of a person. Whether it concerns, besides, around too much or Not enough, other symbols can state.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Genitals


(European ones).:

  • male or female ones see, deformed in particular ill or: soon come to temptation to get in a scandalous and adulterous affair, – one enters this respect, she will be stormy, destructive and chaotic,
  • the own display: own call will be soon made dirty.

Genitals - dream interpretation and meaning
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