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dream galleryIn the picture gallery the dreamer a picture will make off what is distinguished for his life. If one can remember what for pictures one has seen, this makes easier the interpretation. The gallery often gives also an instruction to own education or to the wish to educate further itself. The walking of picture to picture only sometimes indicates the complicated nature with which one goes forward in the awake life.



  • you will harvest fame in public,
  • go along one: the expected answer will keep waiting,
  • with pictures see: News or desired news gets to know, – also: a long trip undertake on which one will win huge impressions,
  • sit at the theatre on one: one will take part in a party or a meeting in which one will take no pleasure.

(European ones).:

  • at the theatre or big hall: registers that one can wait for expected long and sends a reminder to the patience,
  • with pictures: if means joy, surprise, cheerfulness, – or, one will have to make a tiresome visit, – also: promises unhappy connections in domestic circles, – one will give his best to look happy, however, one will long for other relations,
  • on one sit at the theatre: one gets an invitation of a person with whom one does not go out with pleasure,
  • big with goods see: one will make good purchases.


  • you will come to high position.

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