Gold is a symbol of longevity, happiness and even love. Depending on the contact, the dream can also mean corruption, dissatisfaction, greed, falsehood.

Often a dream of gold heralds a very happy period in your life.


Dreaming of gold

A dream about gold always means something good, happiness, wealth and prosperity.

Dreaming about gold can be a sign to start investing in gold.

The dream can also indicate changes, including financial changes, so you should plan your spending better. Sometimes it heralds the arrival of a new love.

Dreams about gold

To hold (have) gold

The dream may be a manifestation of dissatisfaction with the emotional loneliness you feel. The situation is likely to improve quickly and you will make new friends.

Another meaning of the dream is imminent success in the professional or business world. Victory will require effort, but it is closer than you think.

To be surrounded by gold

The dream assures you that you are about to bring to fruition a project, idea or activity that you have been planning for some time. The positive results may surprise you. It is important that you make a commitment.


Shiny gold

A dream of very shiny gold means that you are going to contact a relative about whom you have had no information for some time. Some people won’t be happy to see you reconnect, but don’t worry about their opinions. Build up your strength to face the adversity that may come later.

Fake gold

A dream about fake gold is a good sign, as it means that a period favourable to your success is beginning. Strive to achieve your goals as your efforts will bear fruit. Be alert and try to identify opportunities that you can take advantage of. It is important to be able to combine decisiveness with caution.
It is good that you make an effort to learn from your mistakes.

Gold and silver

A dream about gold and silver is usually a manifestation of dissatisfaction or frustration at comparing your own performance with that of others. Things should improve soon. The dreamer indicates that you should focus more on the goals you want to achieve rather than on other people’s opinions and problems.

Wearing gold jewellery

The dream is a warning of losses you may incur. Be careful with financial transactions.
The dream is a sign that an opportunity to carry out your plans is approaching. Treat the dream as an encouragement to work towards achieving your goals.

Gold jewellery

When gold jewellery appears in a dream, it symbolises a longing for someone or a moment from the past. It can be a good opportunity to get in touch with someone you haven’t seen for a long time.
It can also foreshadow a difficulty that will be overcome.

Another meaning of the dream is to take the reins of your life. You are likely to have missed an opportunity, such as not applying for a job you want or not approaching a person you are interested in. The dreamer says that you are too cautious or passive and this is holding you back. Be more active and assertive.

Gold ring, wedding ring

This dream means that you will soon be rewarded for something you have been working on for a long time. Another meaning of the dream could be a new love.
A dream about a gold or wedding ring is a sign that you are being rewarded for something good you have done. If you have bought a ring, it means the arrival of sincere love; if you have broken off a relationship with someone, you can rekindle it.
The dream foretells favourable events. If something good happens, enjoy it.

A golden chain

Dreaming of a gold chain means a lasting bond, whether with a partner, family or friends. The dream reveals the strengthening of a relationship, perhaps with a loved one or someone close to you, such as a friend. It is a sign that you will be faithful throughout your life.
Another meaning of the dream is a signal to get over resentments, to forgive wrongs, for only this will give you a sense of inner peace.
The dream usually heralds the arrival of a happy period in your professional life. Your efforts will bring success and your merits will not go unnoticed. Look for good opportunities that you can take advantage of and enjoy the good things that are happening in your life. Don’t forget those who love you.


Golden necklace

A dream about a golden necklace means that you will not be in financial trouble. It can also indicate unfulfilled wishes.
The dream also indicates favourable circumstances for your progress in the academic field.

Golden earring

A dream about a golden earring means success in your social life. If you find a pair of earrings in your dream, it is a sign of new and good friendships, new ties. If you lose an earring in your dream, it is a sign of new love.
Be courteous and tactful to the people with whom you will be connected.

Gold coin

A dream about gold coins means that you will be a wealthy and successful person.
You are likely to get a promotion or a raise at work. You may achieve the success you so desire. You will prosper.

Golden stone

A dream about a golden stone foretells a period of problems that may cause anxiety. However, the anticipated difficulties should not last long. You will come out of the situation more mature and stronger.
Another interpretation of the dream is that you will find something very valuable in the near future.

Gold medal

Dreaming of a gold medal is a harbinger of favourable circumstances, especially in the financial sphere. Keep an eye out for opportunities that you can take advantage of. Acting with prudence and zeal will greatly increase your chances of success.

Golden thread

A dream about a golden thread is a very good sign. It means that you are about to get something, that something will become yours. This will happen unexpectedly. The situation will pleasantly surprise and enrich you.

Golden cross

A dream of a golden cross indicates that you will find peace and balance, which will give you the courage to pursue your goals.
Pay more attention to your spiritual life. This has a very important effect on your relationships with others, including family members, and on your chances of success in activities.
Pay more attention to those who love you.

Golden crown

This dream is a sign of your dissatisfaction with the results of your efforts. The dream assures you that things will improve in the near future and you will be able to achieve the success you deserve. Don’t be discouraged by the obstacles you face or by other people’s lack of confidence. Move forward with determination.


Gold dust

The meaning of this dream is a warning to plan your life better and not to let luck slip through your fingers.
A dream of gold dust is a sign to meet more people, get out of the house, enjoy life, live every second. It means good times.
This dream is like a message for you to appreciate things and people and to know how to make the most of them.

Golden tooth

The dream of a golden tooth is a symbol of wealth, but it also means that you have to be clever to get the money you want. The dreamer is pointing out that the situation is favourable to you.
Another meaning of the dream is disloyalty of a person close to you (who you would probably not even suspect). It’s better to be careful, especially in business, just in case something bad happens. If you remain vigilant, you can prevent this person from achieving his or her goal.
The dreamer also recommends that you avoid revealing your ideas to others.

Leaf of gold

The meaning of the dream of gold leaf is that recent events have gone well for you. Take this dream as an incentive to continue to pursue your goals, as your chances of success are very high.

Golden egg

Dreaming of a golden egg is often a symbol of potential and a sign of a very happy time ahead. You should find it easier to achieve your goals. It is important that you know how to make the most of this favourable period by getting involved in your activities and making good choices.

Golden vessels

Dreaming of golden vessels is usually a harbinger of favourable opportunities that you will be able to take advantage of. There is a good chance that your efforts will lead you to success.

Golden belt

Dreaming of a golden belt is a sign that someone, perhaps a person who has recently come into your life, is trying to deceive you with a seemingly very good offer. Unfortunately, not everyone who seems trustworthy is. Don’t be fooled.

A gold bar

If you dreamt of a gold bar and you are single, say goodbye to loneliness – you will soon find the love of your life, and if you already have a partner, love will blossom and grow stronger.
Another meaning of a dream about a gold ingot is that you should take better care of your finances. Perhaps you should control your spending more and invest wisely.

Barrel of gold

The dreamers will explain that if you are going through difficult, turbulent times, things will calm down soon. Be patient and follow your conscience.


Mountain of gold

To dream of a mountain of gold means that a period of contentment and stability is approaching.
Some doubts you have had about your existence are likely to be resolved. You will feel more balanced during this time.
Take advantage of favourable circumstances to rebuild your strength.

Sell or buy gold

The dreamer advises: prepare for hard times, start saving.
Another meaning of the dream about selling gold is a prediction of good investment returns. Even if this is the case, it doesn’t hurt to be careful with your money.

Giving or receiving gold as a gift

The dream is a good sign because it foretells that everything you want most will come true, and that an unresolved matter will be resolved in the best possible way.
Another meaning of the dream is that you will be able to solve all your problems. The dreamer advises you to remain calm in the face of difficulties and to commit yourself to the pursuit of your goals.

Finding gold

The meaning of this dream is the arrival of a new friend who will bring much happiness and joy into your life. This is a very important relationship which will greatly influence the rest of your life.

To be showered with gold

The dreamer warns: “Do not let your preoccupation with money or wealth make you a slave to possessions.
To dream of being covered in gold means that your relationships with other family members are not the best, which may be related to financial matters.
The good news is that the bond between you will be strengthened in the near future. Try to be sensible and tactful. This will make it easier to take advantage of opportunities to rebuild a good relationship. Don’t let worries about material possessions destroy the feeling between you.

Molten gold

A dream of molten gold means that you are not in control of some things, especially finances. This dream could be a warning to be careful and think twice before doing something.
Another meaning of the dream is that you are likely to go through a complicated period in your life, there will be circumstances that will cause you distress. Don’t be discouraged by the setbacks and challenges you will face. You have the abilities you need to overcome problems and become stronger, more mature and more aware of your potential. You will see what really matters.

Nugget of gold

A dream about a nugget of gold can mean something of great value.
The nugget could represent a kind gesture, a small idea that could grow into something big and bring something positive to other people as well. If you found a gold nugget in your dream, it is a sign that you will find something of value in your life.
It is also possible that the dream is foretelling a period of adversity and challenge, which will pass quickly but will leave lessons that can be very useful to you.
Believe in your ability to overcome the obstacles you face. You are stronger than you know.

Producing gold

A dream about producing gold means that you will soon be able to go on a journey you have long dreamed of. This could be due to unexpected circumstances, a chance situation.


To pawn gold

The dream of pawning gold is a warning to be more careful in financial matters, because some decisions have been unwise.
In addition, the dream can indicate that you have a bad habit or perhaps even an addiction. There is a good chance that you are harming yourself in many ways, including financially.
The dream advises you to re-evaluate the choices you have made and to make decisions only after a proper examination of the circumstances that could have a negative effect on your life.

Getting gold

The dream heralds success, the achievement of a desired goal and the beginning of a happy period in life. Problems will be solved and new opportunities and benefits will arise.

To win gold

The dream foretells the disloyalty of a person you trust. The dreamer advises you to remain vigilant.

To pay with gold

The dream could be a sign of a very positive change in your life, such as getting married or starting a family.
A new phase of your life is about to begin. Learn from your experiences to make the right decisions.

Swallowing gold

The dream is probably related to offers you have received and not accepted. It may have been a mistake to turn down the opportunities that were offered to you. In any case, new ones will appear. Study the situation carefully before deciding whether to accept them. Don’t let regret weaken your determination to fight for the results you want.

Bury gold

A dream about burying gold is a sign that someone close to you is keeping a secret from you. Be careful, it could be something important!
If you are a student, the dream means that your efforts will not go unnoticed and that you will get an interesting internship.

Stealing gold

Dreaming that you have stolen gold foretells serious, but fortunately short-lived, difficulties.
Try to learn from your mistakes. It is important not to become discouraged. You will emerge stronger than you were. Let the negative situations you encounter inspire you to be more forgiving and generous.
The dream of stealing gold means that you are going through financial difficulties which may be due to your own mistakes. As a result, you will learn to cope with adversity.

Stolen gold

The meaning of the dream about stolen gold is a warning against illegal or immoral offers being made to you. They may be tempting, but accepting them will prove to be a mistake with very serious consequences.


Finding gold

A dream in which you find gold means that something will happen suddenly. But don’t worry, it will be good! Maybe it’s a project you’ve been putting off and now want to get back to, or maybe it’s some work you’ve been putting off and now remember to do. According to the Dreamer, it’s worth finishing this work because it will bring you great success.
You may also meet a great love.

Losing gold

Losing gold in a dream is a harbinger of financial difficulties in the waking world.
The difficulties may last for a long time, but they will be overcome. The relatively complicated period you are going through will help you to grow and be ready to take advantage of favourable circumstances later on.

A lot of gold

A dream about lots of gold could be a sign of impending changes in your family. These events can bring much joy, although the news of them may take you by surprise. Act wisely to make the most of these moments.

Gold mine

A dream about a gold mine predicts contentment and peace. The meaning of the dream suggests that you will soon have a better understanding of your place in life and will be able to resolve the existential doubts that have been plaguing you for some time. Go forward with determination, for your efforts will not be in vain.

Dream Meaning: Gold

  • To hold (have) gold – success is closer than you think.
  • To be surrounded by gold – you will achieve something you have been planning for a long time.
  • Shiny gold – you will make contact with a long-lost relative
  • Fake gold – strive for success
  • Gold and silver – don’t focus on other people’s opinions
  • Wearing gold jewellery – be careful with financial transactions
  • Gold jewellery – missing someone or something from the past
  • Gold ring, wedding ring – new love is coming
  • Gold chain – you will strengthen your relationship with a loved one or friend
  • Golden necklace – you have unfulfilled wishes
  • Golden earring – you will be successful in your social life
  • Gold coin – you will achieve professional success, you will grow
  • Golden stone – you will find something valuable
  • Gold medal – favourable circumstances will arise
  • Golden thread – you will get something valuable
  • Golden cross – you will find peace and balance
  • Golden crown – you are dissatisfied with yourself
  • Golden dust – plan your life better, appreciate things and people
  • Golden tooth – be clever
  • Golden leaf – your chances of success are very high
  • Golden egg – You have potential, take advantage of a favourable period
  • Golden utensils – your efforts will lead you to success
  • Golden belt – someone will try to cheat you
  • Bar of gold – you will find the love of your life
  • Barrel of gold – things will settle down soon
  • Mountain of gold – a period of contentment and stability is approaching
  • Sell or buy gold – start saving
  • Give or receive gold – your greatest wish will come true
  • Finding gold – a new friend will appear
  • Being showered with gold – take care of your relations with relatives
  • Melting gold – you have no control over your finances
  • A nugget of gold – you will find something of value
  • Producing gold – you will go on a dream trip
  • Pledge gold – be more careful
  • Win gold – new opportunities and benefits will arise
  • Gain gold – someone will prove disloyal
  • Paying with gold – a positive change is on the horizon
  • Swallow gold – new opportunities will arise
  • Bury gold – someone close to you will keep a secret from you
  • Steal gold – learn from your mistakes
  • Stolen gold – resist temptation
  • Find gold – something good will suddenly appear
  • Lose gold – financial difficulties may arise
  • A lot of gold – changes are coming to your family
  • Gold mine – contentment and peace will come

Mystic Dreamer – Gold

If you see or possess gold in your dream, it foretells a successful development in your professional affairs.

If you are holding gold, it will bring you good luck.

If you dream that you have found gold, it is a sign that you will meet someone on your path who will be able to give you true love.

If you have lost or spent gold, it foretells that you will soon suffer some loss.


If you have stolen gold, it means that you are envious of what others have, when you have many reasons to be happy.

If you see yourself laden with gold in a dream, it is a sign that you are treating your life very superficially when you are awake.

If you play with gold, it means that in real life you are able to appreciate things of real value.

If you are wearing a golden robe, it foretells that someone will make you a wonderful promise, but this does not mean that they will fulfil it, as they will not be serious about it in the first place.

If you dream of cleaning or panning for gold, it is a sign that you will be able to achieve a lot on your own.

Giving gold as a gift foretells that you will have the opportunity to take part in an important celebration.

Making something out of gold in a dream foretells a prosperous life for you.


dream goldAssociation: – imperishable value, – splendour. Question: – Which treasures do I preserve? Which part of me is especially valuable? Medicine wheel: Gold (colour) Key words: Value, – connection, – vitality, – the sun, – the east, – Wabun, eastern guardian of the mind. Description: Gold is in the medicine wheel the colour which is associated with the east and with Wabun, the eastern guardian of the mind. While gold is associated today often with avarice, it was high valued for centuries because of his beauty. Are golden Sonnenauf-and settings, and consequently gold is the colour of the new beginning. Golden rays, from the sky herniedergehen, suggest the thought of enlightenment or clarification. General meaning: Value, – examination, – connection with the vitality, – clarification.

In general:

Gold refers in the dream to the best and most valuable aspects of the personality. If the dreaming finds gold in his dream, this means that he can discover these signs in himself. Gold can stand like money for power, respect, influence and power, however, indicates that all continuance has. Also valuable mental-spiritual qualities often appear in different forms gold. One can derive other meanings, for example, from the following accompanying circumstances:

  • gold see or own points to sure prosperity and big respect.
  • a Lot of gold to own is for the expression of unaware striving to make progress under all circumstances. Indeed, one should not build so many castles in the air which cannot be realised, nevertheless.
  • gold find is valid as a general luck symbol, in particular for the important interpersonal relations.
  • bury gold, shows that one tries to hide something.
  • gold can spend financial worries, but also announce luck in the partner respect.
  • gold lose warns after old dream books about the loss of a loyal person.
  • gold wash promises success for which one must work, however, hard.
  • carry golden jewellery, Li> sometimes warns before too frivolous, on external shine careful life setting,
  • golden calf points to a too materialist setting.


In the dream the gold always has a positive meaning, it stands for precious object, entirety and completeness. Gold can show in the dream also the holy side of the person. The dreaming recognises by himself incorruptibility, wisdom, patience and care. In the dream gold stands seldom for material prosperity. Much more often it symbolises the spiritual or emotional wealth which a person owns. The culture of the person develops as it were with the first golden findings. It was worth earlier than holy, because one saw in it a god’s message, – this also explains, which is why the possession of gold centuries was permitted only to priests and kings. Because gold resists all effects of the weather, it was our forefathers the symbol for the highest values and immortality. The archetypal male symbol, the sun comparably, releases new spiritual and mental energy.

    the dreaming gold gets as a gift

  • or finds he it in the dream, this is called that he will win new knowledge and experiences, or points to heightening of awareness.
  • given away of the dreamers gold, it must be reserved in the awake life.


At this level gold stands in the dream for spirituality at a high level.


If somebody dreams, it is a man or woman to be of gold, he will be sold, if he is a slave, so that he is offset with silver or gold, a pauper will come to wealth, so that gold and silver surround him, however, a rich man will be put out to posters because all gold and silver attracts numerous rogues. However, to every sick person the dream face prophesies with certainty the death. Little is prophesied by little: E.g., one dreamt it, he has eyes of gold. The man went blind because gold to the eyes is unacceptable. To one dreamt, that gets from Helios two breads, – also many days he stayed still alive, – then for such a term the living lasted by the God reached to him. One suffers the same destiny if one dreams of being of gold, or of finding a treasure. A man who had two unmarried daughters dreamt, one would have bound up golden Aphrodite on the head, the others would be ebendort a Rebstock hervorgesprossen. From these married erstere, while the latter died, – then Aphrodite was the symbol of the marriage and the child production according to the word of Homer: ‘You, however, goes only after dear-lovely works of the marriage’ (Iliad 5,429). However, the bundle called the indissoluble of the marriage, – which symbolised vine against it because he from the earth hervorsprießt, the death which had to go other dahinraffen – in earth also resolve the bodies – and because the vine is robbed at the moment of his most full maturity of the fruit. It dreamt somebody, he carries an amount of shining gold on the shoulders. He went blind as a result of the beaming shine of the gold, – as was to be expected, it blinded the vision of the weight-bearing.



  • see or own: desired success achieve,
  • find: you will receive an inheritance, – unexpected monetary entrance,
  • carry in himself: flighty sense maintain, – also: you become excellent and are honoured,
  • have the wrong (uncoined): Prosperity and luck,
  • the wrong (coined) have: Mistrust look after,
  • lose: Loss of the property suffer, – also: you will find the real luck,
  • steal: Disgrace experience, – one will have no luck in the play,
  • give away: an invitation receive,
  • look: you are unlucky in the love,
  • are economical or pay: Quarrel with friends,
  • distribute: to be a warning, in future some hidden one,
  • wash: small success brings wealth,
  • dig for it: you will with difficulty find your luck,
  • bury: one be tried to hide true face,
  • forge: do not let to wrong things tempt, – also: you found a household,
  • see in ingot: Annoyance experiences.


  • gold stands for future times of the prosperity and the well-being. However, they will not stop long, and soon follow times of the renunciation.

“gold” wants to provide that we should not count too much on the shine of some outward appearances – we find true luck, in the end, only in non-material values.

(European ones).:

  • almost always in the same sense like money and it is afflicted even more with the synonym of the fleetingness,
  • see: if is a good sign and promises that our enterprises will succeed,
  • see a lot: Dream of the opposite, – bad experiences and disappointments experience,
  • own: one builds too many castles in the air and tries by force professionally and financially make headway,
  • nugget: excellent omen for wealth and honour,
  • find: Luck by inheritance, – one will find a person who loves sincerely, – also: own unusual abilities will introduce in a wealth,
  • find a golden vein: it is given one a disconcerting honouring,
  • consider the work in a golden mine: one wants to appropriate illegally the rights more different and should watch out for private scandals,
  • gold leaf: there approaches a future which will flatter the selffeeling
  • dig: you will not think your luck where you expect it,
  • clean or wash: one will get ahead,
  • forge: Prosperity,
  • carry in himself: is careful, – means a superficial lifestyle,
  • for a woman it carries a golden dress: she will receive a nice, but not seriously meant promise,
  • carry golden or golden-decorated clothes: good omen,
  • receive given: Disgrace and poverty,
  • give away: you are loaded to a wedding,
  • distribute to others: one should be in the next time some hidden one,
  • pay with it: Division with friends,
  • are economical: one robs or cheats you, – Li> means a loss,
  • lose: one will miss the biggest chance of the life by negligence,
  • steal: you will receive bad news, – no luck in the play,
  • dance around a golden calf: one has a too superficial and materialist world view,
  • it becomes

  • Receiving a woman a present of gold, either coins or jewellery, a rich, however, profit addicts man marry.


  • carry: Danger, crafty adjustment,
  • are economical: good days for you and your friends,
  • find: happy days,
  • get as a gift: you will get in poverty and disgrace,
  • steal: you will receive good news,
  • lose: you will lose the esteem or your lover,
  • give away: one wants to pull you to rate.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Gold

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