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Meaning of dream Freckles :

dream frecklesFreckles mostly point to a wrong self-image which one sees by own mistakes and weaknesses stained. In addition, the fear is behind it that other these spots recognise. A face of full freckles in the dream lets us think that the external appearance is not the essentials to us or other.


One translates the small skin spots best of all as new points of view, views which we should adopt. Only who himself has freckles, that should take this vision as a warning to give to own inferiority complex.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Freckles



    a lot of money will get

  • you. (18, – 43, – 77)

(European ones).:

  • one feels loaded anyhow and fears that the environment to a mistake, vice or offence could consider,
  • Having a Mrs. Sommersprossen in her face, unhappy events will appear. If she sees this in the mirror, it runs the risk to lose her lover to another.


  • have: you will lose money.

Freckles - dream interpretation and meaning
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