dream fry


dream fryAssociation: – Basic equipment, – device. Question: – What want I to prepare or prepare?

In general:

Frying pan embodies the unrestrained sexuality which controls more, but by no means should be completely edged out.



To indicate sexually after Freud like everything what one can put on the cooker. Who could have, however, something in the dream frying pan hineingibt, that in the awake life also the intention to hit somebody in the frying pan.



  • see: your relations form adequate,
  • hit eggs in one: one has become too active in the love and should be reserved more, otherwise threatens an excessive demand.

(European ones).:

  • hospitable admission with a friend, – sign of quite open sexuality without every restriction,
  • see: one will meet old friends,
  • hit eggs in one: one has unambiguously overdone it in the love, now more passiveness would be substantially healthier.


  • see: your home is your luck.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Fry

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