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dream forkA fork, especially a fork with three prongs, is valid as a symbol of the devil and, hence, shows bad person and deception. However, the fork for the purposes of the fork is a picture for Dualität and indecision. Fork often indicates contradictions in own personality which prevents a concentration on clear aims, – then one must reflect only on himself, before one will be successful. Other meanings arise from the following accompanying circumstances of the dream:

  • fork use warns about the cunning more different.
  • fork to ground should drop after old dream books on informal tiff point.
  • fork announces preserved maybe forthcoming worries.
  • see hayfork and pitchfork or with it work promises success and profits.

In the traditional interpretation it was a sign for aggression and menace. No miracle quite a lot of differences of opinion with the hayfork or pitchfork have been delivered earlier in the country, and one has shooed away with it thieves and decayed servants from the court.



What one ‘picks up’ to himself, should be used consumed, or be processed – the fork is valid as a symbol for useful activity. She resembles in her symbolism the barb or the sting – all this are objects with which the dreaming is done in a direction which is not maybe his. Who pokes around with a fork in food, is listless and searches maybe also quarrel.


At the spiritual level the fork means in the dream that the dreaming stands before a heavy decision in which to him maybe must be helped.



  • see: wrong friends will try to deceive you, – one will be used by friends,
  • hold: you are in leading position and are respected,
  • eat with it: an unexpected visit brings bad luck, – also: have to count on Widerwärtigkeiten, – one wants to add bad person to you, there is on the alert,
  • drop or with her are stung: Frustration, – loss, deception or quarrel approaches,
  • see pitchfork or with it work: or see working: one will have in future no financial troubles.

(European ones).:

  • disunity in personal, often also in sexual regard, – quarrel,
  • see: Enemies want to create to one from the way,
  • with one eat: a quarrel announces itself,
  • use: one will be deceived,
  • drop: if brings tiff and quarrel, – division of a person,
  • with one sting after somebody: one is used,
  • injure themselves with one: registers that one should be cheated,
  • clean: points to parasite, swindler and rabble to which one steps aside best of all completely,
  • pitchfork: if means use,
  • hayfork: if means increase of the goods,
  • with a woman the fork stands for an unhappy respect.
  • for lovers the fork stands for separation.


  • drop: Quarrel and frustration at your home,
  • receive: menacing misfortune stands before your door.

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