dream forgery


dream forgeryA dream of forgery and Vorspieglung of wrong facts says one that one deceives himself and pretends to be what one is not at all. If the dream forgery concerns an antique, is probably meant a little bit what concerns the past. If the dream forgery has flown up, one anticipates analogously the danger to be discovered soon also in the reality. Is there something that one has to confess? If one sees himself in the dream for a forgery or pretense constrained, one presumably has in the real life the feeling not to have grown a thing.


(European ones).:

  • are considered guilty: bad omen,
  • if another the signature fakes: good sign,
  • forgery (e.g., pictures): if the warning contains before own lies and deception intentions which are exposed and bring disgrace, or before bad, unfair intentions more different.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Forgery

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