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dream foolHave you come along ‘to the fool’? If you dream of a fool’s shape, this is valid rather than a contrary tip: How earlier the court jesters might ‘serve’ to her ruler bitter truth and bitter criticism (like nobody, otherwise) cleverly, while they informed of the contents ironically, wittily and in original formulation packed, you also have the chance to reach with the ‘wisdom of the fool’ a lot for yourselves. They can risk that other maybe laugh at you because you do a little bit apparently lunatic – or ‘the annoyance of the ruling’ (boss, public etc.) provoke – all the same, you have at disposal a special talent and your chance recognised – and while you steer for her aim, the competitors and envious people are switched off – they are occupied to have a good time about you, until the others notice that they themselves were the fools, while you of you wittily and points were tricked. A ‘clever’ and a little bit bewildering luck dream – he just wore a fool’s mask.



  • see, meet or speak: your manner will make you ridiculous, – you have made Something wrong, – also: one will have to take up in the solution of a problem or a plan longer time,
  • be: one will soon master a difficult situation,
  • see themselves as such: one should grow aware to himself to his true shape and not take seriously himself to,
  • greet: own stupidity see is already half a success,
  • speak: Luck in the play have.


  • a sign with many meanings: If the dreaming person herself is the fool, she will soon master a difficult situation. If another is the fool, this states that she must accept a longer waiting period. Anyway the person concerned should be watchful, adaptable and crafty in the next time, because the life holds ready some surprise in close future. Quite in general the fool stands for the child in the person, for the instincts and the joy of living.

(European ones).:

  • one mocks too much his surroundings and should laugh once at itself,
  • see one: means that somebody will deceive you, – also: one will ignore in future important things and hold after brainless look out,
  • is or clownish inspirations have: if brings honouring or a reassuring existence.


  • see: become destitute, – be a fool: Honouring,
  • mock: one will pull you because of a wrong to the responsibility,
  • speak: one cheats you.

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