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dream foreheadForehead can embody mind, reason and character. If an eye is on it, points to wisdom. Now and again she asks to defend herself against attacks.


A healthy, meaty forehead brings to every luck and means frankness and Mannestum, while a sicklyy disgrace distorted by wounds and damage reveals. In the dream to have a forehead from ore, iron or stone is useful only to customs officers, bar owners and people who Thoughtlessly fight through the life, it introduces in all remaining ones only hatred.




  • have a big arched one: you soon become you by intelligence and knowledge hervortun,
  • high, flatly and nicely: you will show mind, fairness and good judgment, – also: you deal with clever people,
  • an ugly one: points to frustration in private matters,
  • low ones have: you must appear with courage,
  • low ones see: have patience with silly people,
  • wounds: Damage, – points to illness of a being close,
  • wrinkly: you must express yourself firmly and freely,
  • wrinkle: you should pronounce your annoyance,
  • see all of a sudden on it: it will become clear characteristics,
  • in the middle on the forehead see an eye: if a lot of wisdom registers,
  • with the hand about the forehead of the child go: if frank praise of friends promises because of the big talent and the Zuvorkommendheit of own children,
  • wound: one does to you a harm,
  • bekränzen: you get high praise to hear,
  • lean against the wall: your wishes are not fulfilled,
  • If a young woman the forehead of her lover kisses, he is discontented with her because of her shameless behaviour.
  • The forehead is a prop and screen of the brain. If one dreams, his forehead has torn or quite sore, he will be Having and Property lose and completely live fear and shivering, – the emperor will be worried after this face about his hoards of gold.
  • Seeming it him, his forehead is strong and nice, he may trust in the fact that all his wealth is under lock and key and is protected.

(European ones).:

  • forehead wrinkles: Dream of the opposite, – promises domestic luck, a lot of sociability and trust of friends, – nevertheless, the business and also not the financial matters does not concern.


  • forehead and nose are jewellery and wealth in the eyes of the people. If somebody dreams, his forehead has become broader and bigger without losing to beauty, he will win power and wealth in the life, – to the emperor the dream promises military success about his enemies, a woman that her children will bring it to something tallness.

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