Though in the everyday life one is glad about flatteries, but, nevertheless, one should not estimate them. They have something degrading in themselves and are of use, in the end, to nobody. If one finds out in the dream flatteries from a friend or friends, one should be careful, he will become disloyal to one.


Flatter is good only for those which do it as usual, while it degrades all the other people, – then flatterers are more inferior than those who do not flatter. From somebody to hear flatteries, is to nobody of the advantage, in least from a friend, – then one must be caught to be deceived by him.




  • get to know: meet big falseness,
  • hear: deceived hopes, – also: one may not fall under influence under his environment, because it would be to own disadvantage,
  • distribute: you will make by favour your luck,
  • flatter: you will give a present,
  • to somebody: your falseness will be soon recognised.

(European ones).:

  • listen: one watches out for much too big mistrust, because it means jealousy, – means falseness, because every kind of flattery is disingenuous and unreliable, – it expects to an annoyance and disappointment with a colleague.


  • follows your internal voice, she leads the right way you,
  • to somebody: you will get to know a good person,
  • hear: you will been deceptive in your hope.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Flattery

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