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dream fenceFences in dreams stand mostly for social barriers or class barriers, – nevertheless, possibly they also reflect the need of the dreaming for Privatheit. Maybe he is of the borders which a respect imposes on him, consciously and feels her qualifying effect on his life. On the other hand, the fence could be a symbol for the difficulties which the dreaming has to express himself. Fence can stand for the need for security and security. Often one recognises in it also obstacles which one has sometimes established himself because one is confident not enough and thereby limits himself.


The fence has a similar meaning like the wall in the dream. Also he can offer protection and security. He can show for the dreaming, however, also an obstacle. Überklettern we it, we will also be able to remove in the awake life the obstacle on our way to the success aside. If we get stuck in it or we nearly kill ourselves in a picket the clothes, we must maneuver in the next time carefully not to get stuck in the life, to suffer that is a failure. If the dreaming reaches in his dream to a fence or an obstacle, he must exert himself particularly to overcome it.



A fence can show spiritual borders. The dreaming must find out what hinders him in his spiritual making headway.



  • see: bump into obstacles,
  • from barbed wire: besides, one should act with caution,
  • stand before one: It could seem in such a way when one might not go on, however, one is asked to overcome obstacles with energy and circumspection.
  • about that way there jumping: nothing can detain you in your activities and activity.

(European ones).:

    one can remove

  • by own initiative obstacles, one needs in addition, however, strong physical strain,
  • see: you have to overcome some obstacle,
  • stand before one: now with a lot of circumspection one can overcome upcoming obstacles,
  • slip by one: one will use unlawful means to realise own plans,
  • exceed: you will find in a difficult thing the way out,
  • climb one: Success will crown the efforts,
  • überklettern want to and not come across: a plan fails as a result of external circumstances to change in own power does not lie,
  • überklettern and, besides, get stuck, injure themselves or tear the clothes: one will achieve his aim, has differently fancied the success, however,
  • with überklettern injure themselves: one can realise with some wounds though the aim, however, one has fancied everything quite differently,
  • fall down from one: one will tackle a project inexpedient for itself and fail,
  • with others on one sit and break down: a person becomes seriously injured in an accident,
  • to damaged ones see: you must protect your property better,
  • tread down one and on the other side run: one will overcome by acted and energy the hartnäckigsten obstacles on the way to the success,
  • cattle about a fence see jumping to own area: one will get from unexpected spring help,
  • see breaking out cattle of the pasture: Losses can follow in trade and other matters,
  • establish one: one will lay by thrift and diligence a foundation-stone for prosperity,
  • of A young woman promises establishing a fence success in the love or the opposite if she dreams, the fence breaks down.


  • see: have a look at the people who come to you for visit.

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