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dream fatAssociation: – Protection, – sensitivity, – security. Question: – Which fears is I to be given up ready?


Mostly a disgust dream. Fat in the dream can make to the dreaming consciously that he was maybe not so careful in a situation as he should have been it. He has created conditions which could not prove to him to the advantage gereichen and themselves as ‘slippery’ or uncomfortable. Or one feels overtaxed from the worries about a big possession (‘fat property’) and his preservation. The dreaming should judge a situation better, before he exposes himself to a risk. After old dream books fat often symbolises comfortable prosperity and sensory joys. The dreaming makes easy the life to for himself. If it appears more often, this can be understood than tip to the fact that one attaches too much meaning to material values and pleasures, too cursorily and maybe too unhealthily lives.



At the spiritual level fat can symbolise simplicity as well as soiling.



  • see or eat: a little pleasing future, – illness and doctor,
  • cut: you are in the middle of a luck time, if it uses,
  • roast: what you acquire, will slowly resolve partly.


  • a good omen: To eat fat luck indicates in the love to cook with fat professional success. In general the sign asks to come as good as possible on the circulation of the life and to take part in it.

(European ones).:

  • indicates a certain abundance which extinguishes once the worries, but also cause of illnesses can be, – care!
  • enjoy, eat: Illness threatens,
  • see: Prosperity,
  • prepare: meant a loss,
  • to grease marks have in the clothes: if means rich marriage,
  • be: indicates at a gentle, natural death, – also: Feeling of inferiority, one believes on other people repellent to work.


  • see: you come to prosperity,
  • eat: Illness.

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