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dream fashionDreams with fashion subjects are maybe reactions to the whole setting to the present. If one was found shabbily drawn, one apparently has the feeling to be even and with own views ‘out of fashion’. If one has admired, however, the models on the catwalk what in them one found so attractive? If one himself liked to become a model / model, it is probably a desirable fulfilment dream, and one also dreams awake of it. Did one look in the dream at a clothes doll in the shop-window or even baby-faced from (nicely, but soulless)? In other words, was one himself this dream model?


Also in the dream it is about selfrepresentation – one dresses in such a way as one would like to work and ‘come’. Fashion is not only a (symbolic) expression of the personal style (and the suitable material possibilities), but also a role behaviour: Fine feathers make fine birds! If one remembers in his dream fashion, a good tip can be to it with which means one would like to achieve which effect.



(European ones).:

  • with the newest fashion be occupied: Signs of a small change, either to the good or to the bad.

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