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A dream about glasses means assertiveness, an asset to analyze things. It can also suggest that the time is right to correct something and move on.

It can also symbolize kindness and even naivety, so it is worth paying attention to any documents and agreements you sign, to make sure you are not making the wrong choice or being cheated.


It is important that you try to pay attention to your business and relationships – any wrong choice can cause you to lose everything.

Dreambook glasses

Dreaming about glasses shows how you understand what is happening at the present moment of your life. Glasses in dreams mean that now is the right time to correct any irregularities.

To see glasses

According to Dreambook, a dream about glasses seen on someone or somewhere located is a suggestion to change your plans, because something may hinder their completion and force you to pay a much higher price. It is also an encouragement to take a better look at things or people, to look at a problem from a distance or from a different angle.

To buy glasses

A dream that you are buying glasses means that you are not seeing the truth, and this can lead you to failure. Remain vigilant. Try to be more insightful and unbiased. It is worth taking the advice and opinion of someone trusted.

To receive glasses

Dreambook explains that the person who appeared in your dream probably expects more from you, such as more interest or better treatment. Think about your behavior.

To wear glasses

The meaning of the dream suggests that you must try to be more objective and not get too involved in the problems of other people, friends, and family. The dream also shows that you may be going through a time when you are not seeing the truth, perhaps someone is presenting you with a false vision of someone or something.


The dream also signals your intellectual and spiritual development. The knowledge you are gaining now will be fundamental to your future and seeing things with greater clarity and rationality.

Dirty glasses

Dreambook suggests that you are turning away from an unpleasant truth. Something you don’t want to see or believe because you fear it or it is uncomfortable for you. Such an attitude serves no one.

Another dream meaning suggests that someone is hiding an unpleasant truth from you.

Broken (cracked) glasses

A dream about broken or cracked glasses usually means some kind of failure or problem. For people in relationships, it can mean the end of it. You should pay more attention to yourself and your loved ones to prevent accidents and unfortunate events.

Shattered glasses

Dreambook warns that you should take care of your health and well-being. You need to feel good about yourself, keep yourself in good shape, change your diet, and reject addictions and bad habits. Your body needs time to rest and recuperate.

Scratched glasses

The dream warns of someone disloyal who is in your close environment. It also suggests taking a better look at people you think are honest and impeccable. The truth may turn out to be quite different than you think.

To repair glasses

This dream shows that some dispute that has been going on for years may suddenly be resolved. Such a turn of events will bring you much joy and relief, as well as tangible benefits.

To lose (to loose) glasses

Losing glasses in a dream means the existence of intrigue, lies, or arguments. Dreambook advises you to pay more attention to your emotions. Sometimes it is better to withdraw or not to address sensitive topics at all.


Another dream meaning indicates that you are standing firmly on the ground, guided by reason. Sometimes, however, it is worth letting your intuition and heart speak, so that you do not regret certain actions.

To look for glasses

The dream is a sign of impending professional success. It means that you will receive what you have been striving for years, which will make you happy and financially stable and give you satisfaction. Do your job and you will achieve success.

Corrective glasses

If you or someone else in a dream appears wearing corrective glasses it means that it is time to expand your knowledge.

If a loved one appears wearing glasses in a dream, but doesn’t use them in real life, the dream may show that you and they are hiding a secret – and this can be detrimental to your relationship.

Sunglasses (dark glasses)

A dream about sunglasses represents your fear of presenting important matters to friends or of admitting something. Dreambook says it is camouflage, you are trying to protect yourself somehow. Play open cards.

Another dream meaning can be read as a sign that you will move away from routine activities or habits. You will start to look for new ways of doing things, which will work out in your favor.

Transparent glasses

This dream shows that you are surrounded by good and faithful friends. Such friends are always ready to do everything in their power to protect you and help you. Appreciate them.

Weird glasses

The dream warns that you may be hurt by people. You should not take it to heart. Do your own thing and do not get into disputes.


Summary : dream meaning of glasses

  • To see glasses – it is time to change your plans
  • To buy glasses – you do not see the truth, be more insightful and impartial
  • To receive glasses – think about how you treat others
  • To wear glasses – be more objective
  • Dirty glasses – you turn away from the unpleasant truth
  • Broken (cracked) glasses – prevent accidents and mishaps
  • Shattered glasses – take care of your health and well-being
  • Scratched glasses – take a look at people you consider honest
  • To repair glasses – an old dispute will be resolved
  • To lose (to loose) glasses – pay more attention to your emotions, avoid intrigues
  • To look for glasses – do your job and you will achieve success
  • Corrective glasses – it’s time to expand your knowledge
  • Sunglasses (dark glasses) – play open cards, get away from the routine
  • Transparent glasses – you are surrounded by faithful friends
  • Weird glasses – do not get into disputes

Dream about glasses

Dream about glasses : in general, this symbol can mean that in waking life you feel inner restlessness and focus strongly on yourself, but this is not good for you at all.

Mystic Dreambook – glasses

  • If in a dream you see or wear glasses, it means that you will soon find yourself in some difficult situation and feel that bad luck is haunting you.
  • Buying glasses is a warning signal from your subconscious to be careful with whom you make acquaintances.
  • Losing your glasses signals that in waking life you are worried that you won’t be able to cope with anything if you are deprived of the support of well-wishers.
  • Broken glasses signal from your subconscious that you are behaving unethically in some situations.
  • If you dream that you are wearing green glasses, it is a sign that your affairs in the near future will go your way, especially in the professional sphere.
  • The glass of glasses appearing in your dream is a sign for you to be wary of acquaintances who only pretend to be friendly to you.
  • Safety glasses are a signal for you to be wary of friends who want to borrow money from you, as they may want to cheat you.
  • If in your dream you are ashamed of your glasses, it is a sign from your subconscious to try to accept your flaws, because you are not able to achieve the perfection you dream of.
  • If glasses appear in a woman’s dream, it means that some person will soon persuade her to do something that will completely ruin the dreamer.
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