Electricity dream dictionary


Electricity dream dictionary

Electricity – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Work on the energy or vitality. Question: – Which part by me must be charged anew?


Electricity plays in the dream often on behalf for strength a role, and it depends on the circumstances which aspect is emphasised by strength here. Dreams of electric wires symbolise the communicative talents of the dreaming, – however, dreams of light switches or counters in electric devices refer to the ability in the self-control. In the power station stream is generated, so the energy which passes the unconscious to the dreamer, so that he approaches, finally, more energetically to the everyday problems. The mortal danger of the electric stream should only also sometimes become to him a deliberate-made, translates: he has to go with his (psychic) energy to households, because, otherwise, a breakdown could be the result. Electricity can stand for sexuality or spiritual energy. Electric light can announce the illumination of own situation by self-knowledge, – now and again it is thereby warned also about a danger. Electric sparks see spraying indicates that one can experience a sexual adventure by which one is disappointed, however. If the dreaming receives an electric blow in his dream, he does not protect himself enough from dangers and must pay attention more to himself. The vision of the power station as well as a transformer station or a power station can be interpreted positively if it turns out from the dream connection. Then these pictures mean an energy influx. If the dream action looks, however, disconcerting or it comes too of an explosion, are this sign of a serious psychic disturbance of the dreaming. Warning signals are in this connection also not controllable electric lines, strong electric cables etc.



At this level electricity symbolises the higher spiritual power.



  • electric light: you will receive an important clarification,
  • electrified become: big excitement.

(European ones).:

  • are electrified: tells unexpected events of erotic kind in,
  • suffer an electroshock therapy: must appear to a great danger,
  • electric sparks see: Disillusionment after passionate love,
  • electric light: Warning from the unaware space, because mortal danger exists if one is unadvised,
  • visit a power station or see: one will have a serious meeting,
  • work in a power station: one will be assigned a work very rich in responsibility.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Electricity

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