Explosion dream dictionary


A dream about an explosion foretells internal and external conflicts. It means that many changes may occur in your professional or personal life. It shows, among other things, transformations and surprises.

It is usually related to the emotional side and can express the need to control some feelings. This dream indicates that you should be prepared for many situations that may occur unexpectedly.


Dream of an explosion

To see an explosion

If you see an explosion in your dream, the dream indicates suppressed emotions. You don’t leave the house or you don’t feel safe talking to your loved ones about your problems. It is very likely that these dilemmas are related to your home or close relatives. Take some time to think about each decision you make. Think about the consequences of your choices.

A dream in which you see an explosion means that your problems are still unresolved. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can solve immediately.

If you see an explosion in your dream, you will experience amorous elation when you wake up.

To hear an explosion

A dream in which you hear the sound of an explosion is a sign that you are trying to solve a big problem that has not yet been solved. The dreamer assures you that you will soon find the perfect solution and breathe a sigh of relief.

Get ready to enter a new phase of your life, full of joy and peace. Hearing an explosion in your dream is a sign of personal and professional fulfilment.

An explosion next to you

A dream in which you are in the middle of an explosion means that you are a prime target for jealous people. It means that there are people who want to harm you, for example at work or in your circle of friends. You should be careful and get away from them if possible. It’s a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and not worry about malicious remarks.


Cause an outburst

The dream indicates that you will experience situations that will lead you to make bad decisions. Many of these are due to a lack of maturity, and it is necessary to analyse each one more carefully. Analyse the facts calmly.

Don’t say more than you have to in order to avoid embarrassment. The dreamer suggests that you pay attention to your interactions with others and your emotional approach to issues and people.

Running away from an explosion

The meaning of this dream is to run away from the worst. All obstacles disappear and problems come to an end. You feel a sense of relief.

The dream represents a new cycle starting in your life, you will be able to achieve many goals. Enjoy this new phase and achieve everything you want. Change your future for the better.

Being injured in an explosion

The meaning of this dream is that you may be the target of lies and slander. Be aware of who your true and false friends are so that you can escape from bad people and emotions.

The dream is associated with professional rivalries or love quarrels. It is very likely that you will be betrayed by someone close to you.

Death by explosion

The dreamer warns against false accusations. Remain calm and firm, do not let these situations dominate your life. Don’t forget who you are and know that those who really know you will always be there for you.
You feel under pressure from all sides. You may feel a sense of injustice. Be patient and turn the situation to your advantage.

If your friend dies in an explosion, it means that bad news is coming soon. Try to remain calm and be a support to others.


Things exploding

A dream in which a product explodes means the loss of important things in your life. It’s usually associated with focusing too much on small and unimportant things, and accumulating anger and tension that doesn’t really matter.

Explosion of things

Something important may be removed from your life. This is definitely a difficult time for you, but you are not alone, for those who love you will always support you and be there for you.

Explosion of a lamp, electrical appliances

The dream means that you should slow down, it is time to rest, relax, take a holiday. Rest will be good for your physical and mental health.

Explosion of a balloon

A dream about a balloon exploding means that you need to step out of your comfort zone, because it is time to talk about things you have always avoided. You will spread your wings and realise how independent you are.

Bottle explosion

This dream reflects uncertainty. Analyse the situation and examine the basis of your fear. Fight against your limitations. Take on new challenges, meet new people, visit places you have never been before.

Car explosion

A dream about a car exploding means that you need to keep an eye on your plans and goals so that they do not get out of hand. Look at your success rationally. Don’t be deceived by the words and promises of false friends. You should also pay attention to your feelings.

Vehicle explosion (bicycle, motorcycle)

A dream about a vehicle exploding indicates that unexpected situations may arise and bring surprises. Learn not only from books, but also from your own experiences and observations. This will help you in the future.

Gas explosion

A dream about a gas explosion indicates that you are under a lot of stress because of a responsibility. Try to calm down. Spend time with your family and friends and have fun. Don’t let worry rob you of the joy of being with the people you love. Find a balance between responsibility and fun and you’ll be fine.


Bomb explosion

A dream about bomb explosions means that very emotional situations may occur. Try to control your emotions if you have the chance, let them out if necessary – keep them in check.

The explosion of a nuclear bomb

The explosion of a nuclear bomb is a symbol of betrayal and lies. Be careful, you may be hurt by the person you least expect. In the long run, however, this situation will prove beneficial to you and your life.

Aeroplane explosion

Your success will be electric. Your efforts will be noticed and everything you deserve will happen. The dreamer warns: don’t forget to invest in your future, take courses, show initiative every day.

Explosion in the sky

The dream indicates that you may have doubts about the intentions of some people. You may have a wrong impression of them – check if this is really what you think.

Nuclear explosion

A dream of an atomic explosion means that you need to resolve a misunderstanding or an unresolved situation so that you can have peace of mind and achieve what you want. Resolve it as soon as possible and in the most peaceful way possible.

Explosion at home

The dream indicates that small changes are coming, but they can mean a lot. They may be related to someone for whom you have great affection. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Explosion in a building

The meaning of the dream encourages you to reflect on yourself to understand where you want to go and what you want to do to get there. Focus on your goals and don’t get distracted, look for what you want and don’t give up until you achieve it.

Set your goals, plan your actions, believe in yourself.


Explosion in the mine

Don’t let others put you down. The Dreamer advises: “Fight for what you believe in and don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying your passions. Dedication and effort will not be in vain.

Explosion at sea

The meaning of the dream predicts a process of transformation in your life. According to the dreamer, this will happen in a rapid and surprising way. The changes will affect many different areas of your life. Take the opportunity to leave behind anything that no longer serves you.

Explosion and fire

A dream of explosion and fire means that you need to reflect on your actions and see if you are behaving the way you should. Learn from your mistakes. Try to foresee the consequences of your actions.

The dream indicates that you should be careful about your impulsiveness, you are feeling anger and this means destruction. Think before you decide and especially before you act. You need to work on your self-control.

Volcano eruption

You will meet a new person who is interested in you. It is up to you how you handle this acquaintance and whether it will become a permanent part of your life or just a passing acquaintance. Don’t be afraid of your feelings.

Dream meaning of explosion

  • To see an explosion – You are repressing your emotions.
  • To hear an explosion – You are trying to deal with a big problem.
  • Explosion next to you – don’t worry about malicious remarks
  • Causing an explosion – paying attention to your emotions and relationships with others
  • Running away from an explosion – the bad will go away
  • Being injured in an explosion – move away from bad people and emotions
  • Being killed in an explosion – feel pressure, stay calm
  • Explosion of things – don’t focus on unimportant things
  • Explosion of things – loved ones will support you
  • Explosion of a lamp, electrical appliances – you should rest, relax
  • Balloon explosion – talk about things you have always avoided
  • Bottle explosion – fight against your limitations
  • Car explosion – keep an eye on your plans so they don’t get out of hand
  • Vehicle explosion (bike, motorbike) – surprises may be in store for you
  • Gas explosion – you are under a lot of stress, try to calm down
  • Bomb explosion – try to control your emotions
  • Atomic bomb explosion – betrayal and lies
  • Aeroplane explosion – you achieve spectacular success
  • Sky explosion – check your suspicions
  • Nuclear explosion – you need to resolve a misunderstanding quickly
  • House explosion – small changes are coming
  • Explosion in a building – think about your goals
  • Explosion in a mine – fight for what you believe in
  • Explosion at sea – leave behind what no longer serves you
  • Explosion and fire – reflect on your actions
  • Volcanic eruption – meeting a new person

Mystic dreamer – explosion

Meaning of the dream explosion

If this symbol appears in your dream in any context, it foretells the satisfaction you will get from your sex life, or signals that you are harbouring some dark desire.

Explosion dream dictionary

Explosion – Dream Symbol Interpretation


Association: – sudden, forcible change. Question: – What is ready to burst out?



It is often a danger sign, indicates that something is not right in our central nervous system. In the dream the explosion expels as bomb and dynamite as a rule to high internal tension, irritability, restlessness and nervousness, as well as to sudden violent escaping of energy or to a psychic breakdown or on a violent quarrel. If a violent explosion of the rage, the fear or sexual relaxation is felt rather like a thunderstorm, this has the meaning that the discussion looks settling. The explosion can refer to the private, as well as to the professional area of the dreaming. Further details can be seen from the whole dream action. A dream can be a protected space in which such a catharsis occurs safely. One should pay attention to what explodes in the dream to be able to read from it a possible menace of our psychic and physical well-being. Noise sensations from the outside, they an immediate one awake cause, are sometimes integrated into the vision itself, hence, can be interpreted only in connection with other symbols.


An explosion in the dream refers at the spiritual level in a kind of revelation.



  • see: one should prepare for an unexpected surprise which is connected with a fright.

(European ones).:

  • in general: bad actions of being close people will prepare for a temporarily grief and losses, – a business development will be disappointing, – Something what one hid long comes to light.
  • of a shell: a big fright experience,
  • see: an unexpected surprise threatens which is connected with a fright,
  • see and afterwards jerkily wake: a physical disturbance is given,
  • bring something to the explosion: others into fear and terror move,
  • see: the nervous restlessness which will lie down all of a sudden,
  • see smoke and rubble in the air: Discontent in business circles and a lot of hostility,
  • is enclosed by the fire or by the explosion high in the air are flung: Of their not worthy friends will abuse your trust,
  • with deaths: one will come out of a critically dangerous situation without taking damage,
  • of a big factory with blaze: if an advantageous event tells in,
  • think own face or another blackened or distortedly: without own closing of an indiscretion are accused and the circumstances speak, however, against one,
  • young women should watch out after such a dream for contacts with the other gender.
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