Earth dream dictionary


Earth dream dictionary

Earth – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Matter, – by the nature be earthed. Question: – How am I connected with the physical world?


A dream of the planet earth means that the dreaming includes the supporting network which he has in the life, his mentality and those relations which he holds for lasting. The dreaming recognises the urge in himself to stand with both legs on the earth, nevertheless, sees that he needs, besides, support. If the dreaming is in his dream underground, this shows that he should attain a deeper consciousness about his unaware desires and habits. Earth is an archetypal symbol, reminds of the Greek goddess Gaia who emerged vollbrüstig to the chaos. The motherly lap which promises new life. The earth is a symbol for fertility, motherliness, life, being nourishing and Körperlichkeit. The penetration in the earth means past, history and death, ‘from the earth to wax’ life. For the dreaming this picture either can mean that he lives too much in his past and loses, hence, the reality out of sight, or that he experiences a sort of psychic and physical rebirth, new vitality agrees. Who looks at the planet earth in the atlas or sees him as a globe, would probably like to escape from own sphere of activity, move out in the world and let themselves blow the wind of foreign countries around the ears. Only the whole dream admits a more exact interpretation, is importantly, nevertheless, always the feeling of the dreaming.



At the spiritual level earth symbolises the big mother and fertility.



  • a nice trip.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for extensive planning,
  • see: if brings quick happy marriage or if one is already married, a nice trip,
  • in the beaming nice space floating: Reminder to the care concerning brain or general health,
  • search something on her (as a globe) and do not find: one will receive an anonymous letter,
  • on her study as a globe: one will get to know a big scholar.


  • see: you stand before a big trip.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Earth

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