Engine dream dictionary


Engine dream dictionary

Engine – Dream Symbol Interpretation

In dreams the motivating impulse or the energy which the dreaming needs in a certain situation can be shown as an engine. If the dream turns primarily on the mechanics of the engine, the dreaming must deal maybe stronger with the dynamism and pragmatism of his contact manner with the things of the life. If an engine is developed in the dream, this points to a serious health problem.


If the dreaming sees a diesel engine or the engine of a railroad engine in his dream, this maybe brings him in contact with his internal strength and his principles. The engine in the dream is brought every now and then also with the sexual act in respect.



At the spiritual level the engine in the dream is a symbol for motives and desires.



  • keep on: Now your shops advance and you succeed.

(European ones).:

  • see: big difficulties and trips approach, – however, good friends will support to one,
  • defective ones: refer to misfortune and loss of relatives.


  • your shops will develop at another place much better.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Engine

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