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A dream about drugs is usually a warning against false people, betrayals, or difficulties. The dream meaning is also associated with good health and sincere friendships that come into your life.

Dreambook drugs

When drugs appear in a dream, they symbolize behaviors, habits, and customs in waking life. The dream refers to your current state of mind and the way you organize your life.


The dream may also symbolize the illusion you are living in. This dream urges you to wake up and move after your dreams and life goals.


Dreams about cocaine show how vulnerable you are in waking life. There is likely a fog around you that obscures your decisions and ability to respond to difficulties. Dispelling the fog and regaining your vigor requires focus and dedication to an activity, such as reading a book, playing sports, going to the gym, or meditating. Any activity will help you catch your breath so you can continue to live fully.


A dream that you are smoking marijuana signifies distraction and inaction.

It indicates a loss of identity and personality. The dream is a warning to take the reins of life before it’s too late.

To see drugs

If you have seen drugs, such as those stored in a closet, turbulent times await you. A dream about drugs means that you should not date someone you do not trust. Dreambook advises: take better care of your health.

Someone takes drugs

The meaning of the dream can be translated as an excess of illusions. You are deluding yourself that something or someone will change. You prefer not to get involved or act to influence the situation. Rethink your behavior, because illusions will not change anything.


To buy drugs

The dream that you buy drugs represents the need to “release” all the feelings rooted in your heart. You need to change your habits to live fully. Dreambook warns you to get off the wrong path before it is too late.

To sell drugs

Selling or delivering drugs in a dream is a warning not to engage in dishonest activities or relationships with dishonest people.

Pay attention to those around you, as they may be acting in bad faith.

Selling or delivering drugs in your dream may also indicate that people close to you need your help. Don’t be ashamed to offer help, even when someone doesn’t ask for it, and don’t be afraid to talk, it will do you a lot of good.

To talk to a drug addict

Seeing or talking to a drug addict is a warning to take better care of your health. The dream can be an exhortation to look around among friends and pay more attention because someone is in dire need of your help.

Another dream meaning is related to caring for people you love. You are a caring person who likes to see everyone around you happy and healthy. Take care of others, but don’t make them happy by force.

To have drugs

Dreaming that you are carrying drugs is a warning against certain attitudes that can cause problems. Dreambook exhorts you to be more careful when making choices because if they are not well thought out, they can have bad consequences for you and even for your family. Be careful!

To take drugs

The meaning of the dream is a warning not to trust someone you have recently met.


You feel discredited, deluded, and this situation is not an asset for you, because you lose the strength and courage to overcome obstacles. You need to find reasons to believe in your dreams.

This dream may also warn you not to abuse alcohol, because it can harm your life, for example, you may cause an accident.

Taking drugs in a dream can also mean the coming of difficult times in friendships. Try to get along with everyone, especially your best friends.

To refuse to take drugs

Dreaming that you refuse drugs is a sign of great happiness and harmony in your life. The dream also indicates that the moment will come when you will regain all your hopes and be able to fight for your dreams. Dreambook also indicates that the solution to your problems is just around the corner, but warns against stress and haste. It is advisable to relax.

The dream foretells a period of great joy at home.

Police and drugs

If you dreamed about how the police found drugs on someone, your dream means that you will be disappointed in something or someone. Your hopes will come to nothing, and although it will certainly be an unpleasant experience for you, do not waste your head and time worrying, start acting.

Summary : dream meaning of drugs

  • Cocaine – relax and start living life to the fullest
  • Marijuana – start to act
  • To see drugs – take care of your health
  • Someone takes drugs – illusions will not change anything
  • To buy drugs – change your habits, live fully
  • To sell drugs – people close to you need your help
  • Talk to a drug addict – take care of others
  • To have drugs – think through every decision
  • To take drugs – don’t abuse alcohol
  • To refuse to take drugs – you will regain hope and joy
  • Police and drugs – you will be disappointed in something or someone

Dream about drugs

In general, this symbol can mean that some significant profit is waiting for you or warn that in waking life someone is spreading some rumors about you.

Dreambook mystical : drugs

  • If you are taking drugs in your dream, it means that in waking life you are succumbing to illusions or you are about to have some health problems, but it will not be anything serious or long-lasting.
  • When you are under the influence of drugs in your dream, it means that in real life you are entangled in something because of which you may lose your dignity.

Drugs dream dictionary



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