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A dream about a dog generally means something positive, this animal represents loyalty, companionship, and protection. Dogs have always had a protective function and were devoted companions and friends of people. However, the meaning of the dream depends on the context, experiences, and your attitude to this animal.

The dream foretells true friendships, social and professional successes, as well as solutions to emotional and emotional problems.


Dreambook dog

To see a dog

The meaning of a dream about a dog is usually a good omen, as it symbolizes friendship. When the dreamer sees his own dog is a sign that he will be supported by a true friend, and if the dog belongs to someone else he will certainly be asked for help by a friend.


A puppy in a dream represents purity and innocence. The dream meaning represents a strong sense of emotional protection from a new situation, a new area of your life, or a new relationship.

If you dreamed about one puppy it means that you will soon find a great friendship. If you dreamed about multiple puppies, it could be a sign that there will be a big change in your life.

Dog on a leash

Someone is restricting you. Dreambook notes that you can’t fully show your abilities or live up to your desires because of another person. The dream can also symbolize your character traits: discipline, and self-control.

Small dog

If you saw a small dog in your dream, you will certainly have to fight to achieve your goal. You will be going through a difficult period. However, you will have to work harder and harder, which does not mean that you will not succeed.

Large dog

A dream about a large dog means that you will succeed socially. It can also mean that you are about to go through a difficult time, but someone will show up to help you when you need it most. You will realize that this someone is very important to your life.


Many dogs

Dreaming about many dogs may mean that you are being watched by others. This is a warning for you to be careful and treat people well.

Dog and cat

The dream symbolizes an internal struggle, weighing the possibilities of “for” and “against” or good and bad qualities. It can also symbolize a lack of self-confidence or making bad decisions.

Barking dog

Dreaming about a barking dog means that what you do is directly related to your talent and way of being, so you will gain fame and recognition from other people. Be yourself and carry out your plans.

To find a dog

Finding a dog is a warning not to get involved with other people, and you will avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Restrain your curiosity and steer clear of gossip.

Guide dog or guard dog

Seeing a guard dog or a guide dog in your dream is sure to bring new opportunities in your professional life. This may be related to a promotion or a change of job. If you decide to make changes, you will make more profits.

Unusual dog (strange dog)

Don’t worry, you will be able to solve unresolved problems if in your dream you see a dog with an unusual appearance. There will be no case that you will not solve. Your advice will be valuable.

Hunting dog

If in a dream you saw a hunting dog, wait for a message from loved ones.

Another dream meaning suggests that you should work in a group, not alone. In this way, you can achieve something and gain recognition.


Friendly dog (obedient dog).

If the dog in the dream turns out to be friendly, wonderful and new friendships will help you find a solution to the problem.

A dream about a docile dog also signifies peace and that you are reconciled to what is happening at the moment. You don’t owe anyone anything and are living a peaceful, worry-free life. It can be inner peace or a sense of security on the path you have set. You have good friends who accompany you for better or worse.

Attacking dog (aggressive dog)

Seeing a dog attacking someone or destroying objects is a sign that you need to pay more attention to the people around you. Others perceive you not as you would like. The fault lies with you because you are not letting them know the real you.

Dog bites

The dream may mean that someone is trying to warn you, to tell you about a problem that you do not see. If you see a dog biting someone else, it could mean your friends’ problems or that you are worried about someone. It can also mean the presence of guilt, frustration, or an inability to help. It can also be a symbol of unhappiness, loss, or financial difficulties.
A dream about a dog bite shows that you need to be more careful or more responsible. Perhaps you feel the need to protect yourself from something or someone. Ask yourself, what do you want to protect yourself from?

Angry dog

A dream about a rabid dog means that you will experience moments of crisis in your friendship. However, any misunderstandings will pass fast, thus do not worry.

The dream can be a metaphor for your fears and anxieties. If dogs are fighting in the dream, there are misunderstandings between people on whom you care.

The dream can also be a manifestation of anger, pain, or irritation.

Dog attacked by an animal or by a person

The dream is a warning to take care of your health. Go to the doctor more often, try to avoid stress, and put down anything that harms you. You may want to take a vacation.


Dogs fighting

When in a dream dogs start fighting, Dreambook advises you to put off business talks. Control your nerves at home as well. You will be emotionally unstable in the coming days. It is better not to say too much.

Wounded dog

According to Dreambook, you are not yet ready for what awaits you. It means that you are afraid of what is coming. Do not be afraid, everything has its time and its place.

Sick dog

The dream may be a call to take care of your own health or that of your loved ones. It’s a good idea to get a checkup and stay active.

Another dream meaning suggests that you should think about your behavior towards your loved ones, as you may be hurting or restricting them.

Dead dog

Dreaming about a dead dog means that an important cycle in your life is about to end. This may apply to friendship, emotional, or professional relationships. It can also mean giving up. But remember: the end of a cycle means the beginning of another, a chance to start something new.

Dog droppings (dog poop)

Dreaming about dog poop represents good fortune associated with material gains, such as money or something of great value. It indicates that you are going through a good phase of risk-taking.

Another dream meaning may draw attention to a problem caused by a loss of self-control over one’s instincts. It can also symbolize a transient situation that needs to be corrected or “cleaned up.”

Colors of dogs

Black dog

The color black symbolizes the dark side of life, depression, and the dog’s friendship and loyalty, so a dream about a black dog may mean that you have problems that were caused by someone who calls himself your friend but is a false and treacherous person.


White dog

Dreaming about a white dog means that you are honest, treading the right path, and doing the right thing. Keep it that way, do what you do, and don’t give in to temptation.

Red dog

The dream is a warning, according to the Dreambook, that someone close to you may deceive you.

Another meaning of the dream may symbolize groping behind your back. Be on your guard.

Summary of dream meanings

  • To see a dog – you will be supported by a true friend
  • Puppy – you will find a great friendship
  • Dog on a leash – someone is restricting you
  • Small dog – you will have to fight to achieve your goal
  • Large dog – you will succeed socially
  • Several dogs – you are being watched by others
  • Dog and cat – you are fighting an internal battle
  • Barking dog – be yourself and carry out your plans
  • To find a dog – don’t get involved with other people
  • Guide dog or guard dog – new opportunities will arise in your professional life
  • Unusual dog (strange dog) – you will be able to solve all problems
  • Hunting dog – you should work in a group
  • Friendly dog (obedient dog) – you are reconciled to life
  • Attacking dog (aggressive dog) – pay more attention to the people around you
  • Dog bites – be more careful and more responsible
  • Angry dog – you feel anger or irritation
  • Dog attacked by animal or human – take care of your health, rest
  • Dog fight – control your nerves
  • Injured dog – you are not ready for what awaits you
  • Sick dog – think about your actions towards your loved ones
  • Dead dog – an important cycle in your life is about to end
  • Dog droppings (dog poop) – get yourself under control
  • Black dog – your friend has caused you problems
  • White dog – you are treading the right path and doing the right thing
  • Red dog – someone close to you may deceive you

Detailed interpretation of the symbol Dog

Have you dreamed about a dog or a puppy? In this article, we will present some different dog and puppy symbols and dream examples that will help you understand what such a dream means.

Dreambook : what does it mean to dream about dogs and puppies?

Most of us see dogs every day. You may notice a neighbor walking with a dog while driving down the road. You may have friends or family members who are pet owners. You may even have a dog of your own that you love and care for, or maybe you recently adopted a puppy. Dogs are part of our daily lives, thus it is not surprising that they will also appear in our dreams!

There are a few common themes that we may encounter in a dream depicting dogs.

Loyalty and trust

Dogs are man’s best friends because they are very loyal to their owners.

Sometimes the dog appears as an animal totem or spirit animal, as we may feel that there is no one else we can trust so much. Ask yourself, do I trust others? Do I trust enough, or do I trust too much? Do I trust myself?


Sometimes a dog appears in dreams as a sign reminding us that no one is really ever alone and we can always find a friend.

The message is as follows: Have faith that you will find a loyal friend you can trust.

Protection and defense

Dogs are often symbols of protection and guarding. A guard dog looks out for you and protects you from danger. In some dreams, a guard dog may appear to warn you of a potential problem or danger.
If you dream about a dog mom and her puppies, you are probably dreaming about protecting and caring for someone or something. This dream symbol can sometimes appear as a sign that you are being too protective or overly cautious. Other times, such dreams can remind you to be vigilant.

Service and obligation

Many dogs work hard and serve their owners well. Many dogs work for others, such as police officers, firefighters, and even volunteers in nursing homes.

Dogs, just as they work in our daily lives, can also appear in our dreams as a symbol of work and service. Sometimes a dream about a dog can mean that you don’t feel appreciated in your workplace. You may find that your work is of small importance. It can also be a sign that you are looking for a more rewarding occupation.

Dogs do not hold grudges against others. They are very forgiving and love unconditionally. Sometimes a dog appears in our dreams, reminding us that we should not judge ourselves or others harshly.

Ask yourself: do I love myself and others unconditionally? Do I need to forgive someone? Is it time to truly forgive and forget?

Responsibility and commitment

Any puppy owner will tell you that owning a puppy comes with many obligations. You have to clean up after the puppies, feed them, bathe them, take them to the vet, play with them, and show them plenty of love and affection… for life! For this reason, dogs and puppies in dreams can be a symbol of upcoming obligations and even fear of commitment. If in waking life your partner talks to you about getting married or having children, for example, you may have a dream about being surrounded by puppies that need care.


Typical examples of dreams and their meanings

Let’s look at various examples of dreams and their meanings in the Dreambook.

Dream about playing ball with a dog or fetching

Many dogs love to play fetch. In a dream, playing with a dog is usually a sign that you need to bring some fun into your life. Another possible meaning is that you long to meet new friends with whom you want to have fun.

Dream about a dog fight

Such a dream can be very scary, especially if you dream about being bitten by a dog! Dogs fighting in your dream can be a sign that you feel betrayed or left alone. It can be a subconscious sign that you feel alone in the world.

If you dream about a rabid dog that growls at you to attack you it could mean that there is something you are afraid of. For example, the dog could be a symbol of your current job. Do you feel like your boss or co-workers are constantly criticizing or attacking you?

Fighting in our dreams is usually a symbol of some unresolved conflict in our daily lives. It could be something very obvious, such as a recent argument with a friend or spouse, or perhaps something more mundane, such as a conflict with your partner in deciding your weekend plans.

Dream about a dog swimming in water

Several breeds of dogs love water – some even have the word “water” in their name, such as the Irish water spaniel. Water in our dreams usually signifies emotions and feelings. Often the context of the dream will help you better understand your own hidden desires.

Dreams about dogs swimming in water may mean that you are trying to stay afloat in a stressful situation. The goals you want to achieve may require a lot of effort and work.

Dogs splashing in puddles may be a reminder for you to take a break from work and need a change, to relax, to give yourself some pleasure.


Dreaming about a dog rescuing you in the water or rescuing a drowning dog may mean that you are overwhelmed by work or that you are forming a new, mutually beneficial partnership with someone.

Dream about a dog rolling in mud

A dirty and muddy dog in a dream could potentially mean that someone is cheating on you. If you see muddy paw prints in your dream, it could mean that someone is leaving traces of their past or that you are thinking about past events and their current impact on you.

If you dream about bathing your dog, it could mean that you are working on building trust and security in your life.

Dream about an abandoned puppy

If you dream about a puppy being abandoned it’s quite possible that you feel as if someone has let you down or betrayed you, you are suspicious or worried about your own safety.

Puppies in a cage can be a symbol of your insecurity in life.

If you dream about adopting a dog from a shelter, you are probably getting a second chance or giving someone a new opportunity. It can also mean that you can make new friends by being generous and kind.

Meaning of a dream about a dog by breed

There are more than 360 recognized dog breeds – that’s MANY different types of dogs you can dream about! While we can’t list them all, one way to understand if a particular breed you dreamed about has meaning is to think about its characteristics.

We will look at dog breeds by breed. Identifying the breed of dog you dreamed about and its main characteristics can help you understand what the dream may mean for you in your personal life. Dreambook dog breeds.


Sport dogs

Sporting dogs were bred specifically to help their owners hunt ducks, geese, and other fowl.
Examples of sporting dogs you may meet in your dream: are labradors, retrievers, spaniels, and setters.
If you dream about one of these dogs perhaps you are trying – metaphorically – to hunt something in real life. Are you looking for a job? A home? Or are you looking for happiness?

These dog breeds can also symbolize getting something in your life. Ask yourself, what are you trying to get?
Sometimes these breeds in a dream can appear as a symbol of what is going on in your life, such as you are busy, trying to find peace.

Tracking dogs

Dogs used to track game animals such as rabbits, deer and coyotes include beagles, Afghan greyhounds, Irish wolfhounds, and colts, which have an excellent sense of smell and can often help in the search for missing persons.
If you dream about a hound or tracking dog, it could mean that you are looking for a way to identify and solve a problem. Is there a threat that you are trying to track down?

Sometimes these dogs can also appear in our dreams as a symbol of people we can trust, on whom we can count in any situation. These breeds are very loyal and devoted to their owners.


Rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents can pose a threat, and terriers were created specifically to solve these problems.
Typical breed varieties include: Rat Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Jack Russel Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and others.
Understanding the nature of these breeds can help you better understand what your dream about terriers may mean.

Often, these dogs can be a sign to you that it’s time to trust your intuition. You should examine your feelings, especially if you have a hunch that something is wrong in your relationship, friendship, or family.

Shepherd dogs

Shepherd dogs are usually associated with breeds that help manage sheep, cattle, and other livestock. They are very hardworking and easy to train.

Typical shepherd breeds include German Shepherds, Australian Shepherd Dogs, Border Collies, English Shepherd Dogs and Corgi. These breeds are very protective, thus when a shepherd dog appears in our dream it is very likely a sign that someone needs to be taken care of in waking life.


Often dreaming about this breed is a sign that we should be wary of people such as thieves, liars, and other dishonest people who may try to take advantage of us.

If your dream about a shepherd dog was positive it may be a sign that you feel your needs have been met. You probably feel secure in your current situation.

Working dogs

Dogs can do many other specialized jobs. These breeds are very intelligent and easy to train. For example, the Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog bred specifically to find truffles.

Sled dogs such as the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and Samoyed are working dog breeds that are known for their endurance, speed, and ability to withstand cold temperatures.

Other examples of these types of breeds include Dobermans, Boxers, Mastiffs, St. Bernards, and Rottweilers, which are often symbols of great strength and loyalty. When you dream about one of these breeds, it is often associated with a sense of security and fulfillment.

Companion dogs

Sometimes the best job a dog does is to be a friend. There are plenty of different types of dog breeds in this classification, whose appearance in a dream, or as a spirit animal or power animal, usually signifies friendship and trust. If you dream about a bulldog, bichon frise, chow-chow, Dalmatian, or poodle, it could be a sign that you are looking for fun and companionship in your life.
These breeds can also be a symbol of recognizing your own hidden talents.

Toy dogs

These breeds are small, but they certainly make up for their inconspicuous size with great personalities! Examples of toy breeds include the Chihuahua, Havanese, Maltese, Papillon, Mops, and Shih Tzu.

These breeds are often associated with luxury, as they were the prized pets of wealthy businessmen and members of royalty. They also make great companions because their size makes them easy to maintain and gives you the ability to take your dog with you virtually anywhere.


If you dream about one of these animals, it can be a symbol of relaxing from work and enjoying life. The dream can often mean rejoicing in simple, small things. Small dogs in our dreams can also be a sign that we should think carefully about who we hang out with, and who we hang out with. Do our friends reflect our values and priorities?

How to interpret your dreams about dogs?

The best way to understand your dream is to ask yourself a few questions and write down the answers in your Dream Journal.

What were my first thoughts when I woke up from a dream?

Usually, the way we feel in a dream is how we think about the events of our current life. If you wake up feeling anxious or fearful, it is helpful to examine what events in your life are making you uncomfortable and what is making you anxious.

Did you wake up in a dream happy?

Ask yourself what events in your dream make you happy. How can you bring more positive experiences and feelings into your daily life?

What are my own feelings and associations with dogs?

What do you think about dogs? While many people love dogs as pets, some people are afraid of them or don’t like having dogs around. Everyone has their own unique associations with everything they encounter in life. Your personal feelings and experiences will give you plenty of insight into the dream meaning.

Sometimes a dog will have a very personal meaning for you. For example, if I dream about a Maltese, it reminds me of my uncle, who loved his dog of this breed very much.

Even a dog’s name can have meaning, especially if it means a specific thing or is a “human” name that belongs to someone you know.

What other symbols did I notice in the dream?

Often there may be additional symbols in the dream, which can help understand the meaning of the dream. It is also worth using the Dictionary of Symbols.


Dream about a dog

A dog for many of us is a best friend and faithful companion, and besides, this animal is a universal symbol of loyalty and devotion.

Thus, it is not surprising that dogs often appear in our dreams, although, of course, not always in a positive context, as sometimes we may dream of the threat of a dog that is aggressive towards us, attacking us, barking its fangs, or even biting us.

Interpreting dreams about a dog

When we happen to have a dream in which a dog is present, first of all, we should pay attention to the context in which this animal appears in our dreams.

It is also important to determine the behavior of the dog, not only in terms of its actions but also whether it is friendly to us or the opposite. The size of the dog and even its coat are also important, so we need to pay close attention to all these details.

A dog appearing in our dreams most often has a positive meaning – not only can it foreshadow something good that will soon happen in our lives, but it also means that in waking life we are just feeling good, we are relaxed and nothing is disturbing our well-being.

If we dream that we have taken in a dog, it means that we feel very safe and stable in our home, which is the main reason for our excellent well-being.

When we dream of a dog directly attacking us, or at least barking its fangs at us, it may be a sign that in waking life we have been bitten by a dog and have not yet dealt with the trauma. If, on the other hand, such an event has not occurred in our life, it means that in our subconscious, in its deeper parts, there is some kind of fear or anxiety, which in our dream takes the form of a dog, although it does not necessarily mean fear of this particular animal.

An aggressive dog appearing in our dreams can also be a symbol of danger that threatens us from the outside and has no connection to ourselves, and we fear it and seem unable to cope with the threat. When we dream that a dog is attacking us, it may mean that in waking life there is a conflict between rationality and natural instincts in our mind, which we cover with excessive discipline.


When we dream that we have been bitten by a dog, we need to pay attention to which part of our body has become the object of the dog’s attack, because in this context we should focus on the motive of injuring a specific part of our body, and not on the motive of the dog.

Also important is the color of the dog that appears in our dreams. When we dream of a white dog, it means that soon our financial situation will significantly improve for the better. A gray dog is a signal from our subconscious that in waking life we have a good, faithful friend on whom we can count in any situation, while a brown dog is a sign that in real life we deceive ourselves and others around us.

Dreambook mystical dog

Dream meaning of dog in mystic dreambook:

This symbol can be a warning sign from your subconscious and inform you that you are in danger in waking life.

Dreambook will help you understand the meaning of a dream about a dog.

You can find a detailed interpretation of the dream in the Mystic Dreambook below.

  • When you dream that you have a dog, it is a sign that you will soon make a new, long-term friendship.
  • If you see a black dog, it is a sign that your friend will soon betray you in some way.
  • When you see a white dog, it is a portent for you to make some kind of friendship.
  • When you see a rabid dog, it means that in waking life you are experiencing inexplicable fear, even though you have no reason for it.
  • A biting dog appearing in your dream means that in waking life someone is groping you.
  • A tame, affectionate dog is a signal from your subconscious that someone is trying to set some kind of trap and lure you into it.
  • If you dream about a sick dog, it means that you are about to commit some big gaffe.
  • A dead dog is a signal from your subconscious that in waking life your environment is hostile to you.
  • If you dream that you are playing with a dog, Dreambook augurs trouble and material loss for you.
  • When you go for a walk with a dog in your dream, it is a sign that you desire to have a more stable and orderly life.
  • A hunting dog is a warning that you may unknowingly buy something that does not come from a legitimate source.
  • When you look at a hunting dog in your dream, it means that you will soon have some unpleasantness.
  • If you were attacked by a dog in your dream, it is a sign from your subconscious that you need to be more careful in the near future.
  • When you sic a dog on someone in your dream, the Dreambook foretells that you will make enemies for some reason.
  • When you dream that you see a barking dog, it is a sign that you need to be vigilant in real life.
  • If you see a hungry dog, it is a signal that you are making efforts in some matter in vain.
  • When you see several dogs biting each other, Dreambook foretells for you a conflict in the family over an inheritance.
  • If you were bitten by a dog, it heralds some kind of disease for you.
  • A howling dog appearing in your dream is a signal that you are in danger in waking life.
  • If you dream of a dog kennel, it means that your situation will soon get much worse.
  • A dog on a chain is a signal that in waking life you feel unappreciated by your environment and are sad about it.
  • When you dream that you killed a dog, it means that you will soon regret that you acted ruthlessly in some situation.

Dog dream dictionary

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