Disinfect dream dictionary


Disinfect dream dictionary

Disinfect – Dream Symbol Interpretation

They symbolise that himself the dreaming contaminates, ill or dirtily feels. He holds parts of himself or determined of his needs for neglected and ‘uncleanly’ which urgently need the cleaning / disinfection. However, it can also mean that he has panic fear to get an infection emotionally with his people, that is he is afraid to let stick on from the feelings and passions of his people. Feelings from the area of the sexual are often felt as dirty. Positively looked a disinfectant prevents the infection, so that the dreaming has good chances to get over his mental injuries healthy. Now and then the disturbed people who incline to compulsive cleanness dream emotionally often of disinfection.



  • Bad news clear up. Luck.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Disinfect

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