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The devil dream reminds you that every choice has two sides, good and bad. It is also a reminder that it is very easy to fall into bad company. Dream can also be a warning that someone is trying to take advantage of you.

Dream interpretation devil

See the devil

If you dream that you are seeing the devil, it is related to an unforgettable journey, full of adventures, desires, events and experiences that you did not expect.


Dreaming can also mean that you will get rich very quickly. Income can come from a variety of sources, including work you did a long time ago. Or, you can get back a loan you gave someone a long time ago and maybe you’ve already lost hope of getting your money back. Dream can also mean success.

Talk to the devil

The dream interpretation suggests that you should not succumb to temptations that may arise in your life. If you are known to be honest and have a good heart, someone may try to destroy your image. Watch out for anything that comes too easily. If in a dream you do not feel scared talking to the devil, it may mean that you have dishonest acquaintances next to you. Be careful about your relationship with your friends as they may now want to use your kindness.

Dream can also be related to a goal that is difficult to achieve. Maybe what you are planning is not good for you, maybe it requires too much sacrifice. Think it over again.

The devil is calling you

Dream draws your attention to actions that could hurt your loved ones. Think about what you have been doing recently and what the consequences are. Admit your mistake, apologize.

Pause for a moment and reflect on your behavior at home, at work, and with friends. There is always a good time to ask for forgiveness and start being a better person.

Fear the devil

A dream in which you fear the devil symbolizes your attitude towards some matter that weighs on your conscience.


Maybe it has to do with betrayal, a mistake at work, or inappropriate behavior towards someone. It won’t change anything to think about it, take action to get rid of the burden of guilt.

Run from the devil

A dream suggests that you have something on your conscience that weighs you down. You realize you’ve done wrong, but are delaying correcting the mistake. This attitude makes you feel worse and worse.

Try to fix the problem as quickly as possible and understand that it is time to take responsibility for your own actions, not to blame yourself.

Pact with the devil

Dream means that you should be more tolerant of yourself and others. Human beings are far from perfect, everyone has good and bad qualities.

Dreaming also shows that some of your attitudes or actions may be causing problems for your loved ones. Watch out for friends and acquaintances, don’t try to please everyone, because it won’t do anyone any good.

Dream interpretation warns that there is a troubled period ahead in your life.

Devil’s attack

If you dreamed that the devil is attacking you, a dream can mean financial difficulties, they can only be overcome if you devote a lot of concentration to these matters.

You also need to have a lot of discipline and avoid extra expenses.


Dream also symbolizes problems at work, in friendship, disappointed hopes and hurt feelings.

Drive the devil out of the body

A dream in which you cast the devil out of your body means that you react in this way to someone who may hurt you.

A dream shows that you feel frustrated that you are not able to solve some problem, fight for people you care about.

Fight the devil

Dream may be associated with financial difficulties, you will have to fight persistently to deal with them.

A dream warns of the possibility of betrayal in real life.

God and the devil

Dreaming of God and the devil means uncertainty that lives in your subconscious.

You miss something or someone, but have doubts as to whether it is morally right. The heart’s fight against your mind or changing feelings is also the meaning of the dream, which shows how different attitudes and emotions clash in you.

Devil woman

If the devil is a woman in your dream, the meaning of the dream relates to the sexual sphere.


Maybe you cheated on someone, maybe you did something that you are ashamed of or that bothers you. You cannot pursue pleasure at the expense of the other person.

The devil in disguise

Dreaming of a devil in disguise means that you need to pay attention to people who may want to hurt you, e.g. in the workplace, on the estate. These people pretend they want your friendship and they want to use their relationship with you for their own purposes.

The devil in human form

Dreaming of a devil in someone else’s body may mean that that person may be trying to commit something wrong, immoral.

If you don’t know the person, the dream means that you are making mistakes and you don’t care about the consequences. Think more about it. The dream interpretation interprets this dream as a warning against people who are trying to influence you in a negative way.

Devil with horns

Dream is a sign of disagreement at home or at work.

The devil is associated with a feeling of fear, anguish and punishment, the meaning of dream can be associated with emotional immaturity and limited awareness of truth and reality.

In this sense, the figure of the devil will always appear synonymous with punishment and indicate that you are on a path that is not conducive to attracting good.

The figure of the devil usually appears in a dream when there is a difficult conflict to be solved between what is good for yourself and the expectations of others.


Don’t be tempted. You may also feel fear of your own weaknesses while you are awake or fight guilt.

Tasmanian devil

Dreaming of a Tasmanian devil means that while you are awake someone is trying to cheat you.

Be careful with the people you do business with, whom you owe. You should think carefully about the decisions you make and read carefully any documents you sign.

The meaning of the devil dream

You see the devil – you will earn money very quickly

You are talking to the devil – watch out for anything that comes too easy

The devil is calling you – think about your behavior

You are afraid of the devil – you feel guilty, solve the situation as soon as possible

You are running from the devil – solve the problem as soon as possible


Pact with the devil – be more tolerant of yourself and others

Devil’s attack – focus to overcome the difficulties

You drive the devil out of your body – you are frustrated, you cannot cope with some problem

You fight the devil – betrayal, temptation is possible

God and the devil – different emotions and doubts are fighting in you

Devil in disguise – watch out for people around you

Devil woman – you did something that bothers you and bothers you

Devil in human form – watch out for people who try to influence you in a negative way


Devil with horns – do not be tempted

Tasmanian devil – someone is trying to cheat you

Devil dream dictionary

Devil – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – negative forces, – temptation. Question: – What lies between me and my higher consciousness?

In general:

To dream of the devil ordinarily means that the dreaming with those poach, to primeval sides of itself must come to the pure one which are unknown to him and frighten, hence. The dreaming must confront himself with this part and provide for the fact that he works for him, instead of against him. The devil loses his power if he has recognised him first of all as something what belongs to every person and with which one must confront himself necessarily sometime once. Devil embodies those feelings, wishes, desires and passions which one rejects consciously though by which one is strongly influenced from the unconscious, however, and is damaged. One must learn to accept them consciously and to change.


Today though no one more believes, actually, in the devil than vision he seems rather frequent, however. Often this is with people the case which does not process a religious problem, but have already edged out. Then the devil points out to how important the discussion with the sense of the life is for the internal stability of the dreaming. With the people who have an excessive morality understanding it can also be a tip that they should stronger accept the natural-like in themselves. In Goethe ‘fist’ the devil’s figure Mephisto is a very intellectual appearance. Hence, the devil as a vision can also point to the dangers of a much too intellectual thinking. The devil is a fallen angel and uncovers ruthlessly weaknesses or weak places in our soul life. If one sees one and one speaks with him, one should not watch out for a person in his vicinity, wohlwill. If we are attacked by a devil, we act in the awake life slightly greedily or ungallant. However, he can also point to one-sided thinking only directed on profit. The devil in the dream is as a personification of the bad shares of the person the object to which he can offer the forehead. If of the dreaming fear of his passions, before his fury and his feelings has, this can manifest itself in the dream as a devil.


He symbolises all forces which bring confusion, darkness and death. Sometimes it is maintained that the difference is only very low between friend and enemy. Maybe it is worthwhile for the dreaming to start with itself if he wants to recognise any form of evil or wrong behaviour.



  • see: you will get to do it with bad people, – one wants to entice you,
  • with one fight and are defeated: bad passions will control you,
  • overcome one: Peace will call in in your soul.


  • This symbol reveals to the dreaming that he suffers from a big hidden guilt more than he admits himself. If he tries in the dream to defeat the devil, this is called, he lives during strong conflict with temptations to give to those he forbids himself. Hence, he should try to bring his wishes with the reality in harmony. If a woman dreams of the devil, still comes that she is discontented with her gender life and wishes a strong and passionate man.

(European ones).:

  • points at bad passions of the dreaming, – these are not fought, means the fear, illness, grief and grief, – in a muddled spiritual situation are necessary clarifications,
  • means for the farmer destroyed harvest and killed cattle, but also illness in the family,
  • decent people should look at this dream as a warning to let prevail with her interests care, because they are in danger of breaking the laws of the country,
  • with a priest is this dream a tip to the fact that he is official and should refuse to honour God, while he castigates his next one with the tongue,
  • see: one can be thrilled to a passionate action from which one would omit with sober consideration, – anyway it means a long struggle,
  • see him as a big, impressively dressed person whom she tries to persuade to the visit of his flat: then this signals that unprincipled people to one want to float by flatteries in the ruin,
  • are threatened by one or are attacked: by a passionate action one will get in bad disputes,
  • one watches out with him to close a pact that a herald is always for desperation,
  • are pursued by him: one gets in traps which have put up disguised enemies for one,
  • as friends

  • for a lover: if one says that he risks his loyalty,
  • by sloppiness

  • young women should search for this dream the assistance of friends and not wake the attention of strangers, particularly married men. Women with bad character will get money and jewels of strangers stolen.


  • see: do not come to temptation, – you will suffer misfortune and disgrace,
  • speak: one wants to cheat you.

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