Delirium dream dictionary


Delirium dream dictionary

Delirium – Dream Symbol Interpretation

  • Speaking nothing for what you cannot answer.

(European ones).:

  • even in the delirium be: Danger by a secret, – also: one has made a mistake by carelessness and must iron out him now with a lot of expenditure again,
  • see another: a friend tries to help you secretly.

Dolphin (The dolphin is a mammal and no fish!!!) Association: – natural intelligence, – transcendent wisdom, – sympathy, – playful ease. Question: – Which part by me is marked from divine wisdom or playful ease?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Ancient, – intelligently, – playfully, – compassionately, – feels fine in water and air equally, – sociably, – informing, – play, – harmony, – cleanness, – northern soul path. Description: The dolphin is associated in the medicine wheel with the internal position of the northern soul path and with the cleanness. He is a very old sea mammal who owns an intelligence which puts us people still before some riddle. Dolphins are able to communicate with her equals, – in some cases also with people or other creatures of the sea. They live in moderately warm to warm waters. For some years too many of them perish in tuna nets. It is to be seen importantly to the fact that one eats only tuna which was caught with methods safe for dolphins. In this manner we can contribute to it, our older brothers and sisters who have often enough helped person to protect. Like the whale the dolphin is a sea mammal who must come to the breathing to the water surface. Dolphins are socially opposed animals and live with pleasure in groups in which they protect themselves mutually and look. Some people hold dolphins for connecting being to the gods or those who live in other creation empires. General meaning: A part of you who swims playfully in the water of the life, – the child in you, – your ability to play, – sympathy, – love. Association: Playful ease, intelligence, swimming discipline. Transcendent meaning: A messenger, – gift of actual lessons from other creation empires.



Dolphins are associated with intelligence, communication ability, charm and playfulness. This appear of a dolphin in a dream, hence, means that the dreaming deals in the awake life currently with exactly these qualities. Hence, they are often with communication – or her absence – in your life linkedly and can refer to the fact that your unconscious tries to get in touch with your consciousness. Dolphin’s dreams are sometimes interpreted as a token of present sadness and how to find need, quickly new challenges. The clever animal from the element water is a symbolic shape of the depth combined with intelligence of a feeling. Therefore, as well as the dolphin the unconscious from the depths also appears – he represents the concealed playful side of the person which it is a matter to fathom. At the same time he draws the attention of the dreaming, nevertheless, also to the Trickster. Dolphins are for sailors at the same time rescuers and leaders because they have a special knowledge and a special kind of consciousness. Moreover, a dolphin stands in the dream for cleverness and emergency situations from which one is saved. Notice to yourselves every detail which you experience.

  • The friendly and playful dolphin indicates since time immemorial here at a glad and pleasant time.
  • Swimming the dreaming in his dream with dolphins, then he gets in contact with his original nature.
  • accompanying you the dolphin in the world under water, so this is an especially happy dream which can betray to you a lot about your soul life.
  • jumping dolphins show the successful contact with different areas of your life.
  • dolphins in the cold water swim, can register that you should change the kind with which you handle presently with a certain job or duty.
  • dolphins in the warm water swim, can express satisfaction with your present situation.


A dolphin symbolises spiritual sensitivity and security.


A dolphin brings luck if one sees to him in the sea and means, it will blow from the direction in which he swims a favorable wind (The dolphin was valid for the skippers as a weather prophet. Still today these know in the Aegean sea that the dolphin in the direction to swim maintains, where from the next wind or which of the next day will come). A stranded dolphin prophesies evil, – one will have to look at the death of a dearly loved person with.



  • in general a living one: Symbol of the luck,
  • see jumping: Now you can make big jumps. No danger.
  • dead: of a Gönners death, – loss of a dear person.

(European ones).:

  • see a group: if expression can be for a new government, – no very good dream symbol,
  • with friendly playful contact have: one attaches new contacts, new friendship is closed.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Delirium

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