Court dream dictionary


Court dream dictionary

Court – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – surrounded area, – personal space. Question: – What surrounds me?


Court can ask to win a little bit more distance to itself, to consider itself more objectively, so that one wins new impulses to the life creation. Partly the court also embodies parts of the personality which are edged out extensively and are suppressed. Practical consequences arise always only taking into account the individual living conditions. If he is lined by nice buildings, one wants to surround himself with nice people. A dark backyard can be interpreted accordingly as a tip to our contact poverty. The backyard of a house also lets assume that of the dreaming fear has around his security and his living. He seems to himself in his skin not to feel fine to his life, because he has left the house (the symbol for life as a whole).




  • see a big, free one: Enlargement of your business relations,
  • or farm own: you will make a rich inheritance, – you will be rich and happy,
  • with nice buildings: Wealth,
  • with stables: you can count on a big profit or an inheritance,
  • dirtily: one denigrates you,
  • gets run down: you have disloyal employees,
  • of a prince: one follows you,
  • courtyard side of a house: you come to miserable relations,
  • hold: you live about your relations,
  • in the moon: Disgrace and disgrace.

(European ones).:

  • of a prince: if hostility and envy registers, also frustration, – one is cheated,
  • of a squire: if means quick coming up,
  • court servant: promises worries.


  • with nice building: you long for a carefree life.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Court

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