Cosmetics dream dictionary


Cosmetics dream dictionary

Cosmetics – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Cosmetics is used for all sorts of reasons and is often understood in terms of facade. She serves for the improvement of the appearance to like to the concealment of defects and in order others. If the dream of these symbols helps itself, then as a tip to the fact that defects or inhibitions exist to which one does not position himself, however, with pleasure. The dreaming means, his appearance or image would not be enough for the demands. One is pointed out maybe, however, also to the fact that one must accept the facts without self-deception and palliation. If the dreaming uses cosmetics in his dream, he would like to underline his natural beauty and uncover or cover his problems, possibly even before himself. Maybe the cosmetics efforts were concentrated in the dream upon a certain area, e.g., the eyes. Does one not try to see in the awake life a little bit or to understand? Which area of life or which settings or traits would have to be examined once closer? Maybe one makes way to the realities? If one dreams of being treated by a beautician, one needs more relaxation (or affection) or must improve the image. However, it can also be that one underestimates his own appearance. If one himself is the beautician, it is conceivable that one tries to help somebody, to improve his appearance or to restore his self-confidence, or, however, he must ‘prepare’ this person in the most true sense of the word, that is he tried him radically to change.


At the spiritual level cosmetics means in the dream that the personality of the dreaming can appear in all sorts of shapes.



Cosmetics is to be pursued for all women, adulteress excluded, advantageously, while it will bring disgrace to the men, with the exception of that who do it as usual.



  • you is futile and wastes money.


  • cosmetics: A warning dream! Improve your image.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cosmetics

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