Conjurer dream dictionary


Conjurer dream dictionary

Conjurer – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Conjurer admonishes not to let be mistaken and to let cheat.


If one appears in the dream even as such, own motives are not frank. One tries to do down others. To the damage of the morality one still seems to succeed with it. If one sees, however, other than conjurers, even the danger threatens to be taken in.


If one dreams of pursuing pocket game without controlling this profession, one will pocket by peeping and deception big material profits because one steals, besides, many stones and which soon shows here, soon there again, namely in no easy manner, but with the help of tricks. If one looks as another such art little piece brings forward, one is lied and cheated and are thereby ruined.



  • see: one will demonstrate Peeping and Carrying to you.

(European ones).:

  • indicates the hour which might matter to the dreaming, as well as also that the remaining experiences of the dream will come true,
  • one will be cheated.


  • see: about deception would be warned.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Conjurer

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