Chest dream dictionary


Chest dream dictionary

Chest – Dream Symbol Interpretation

If a chest or box appears in the dream, she describes how the dreaming hides his feelings or ‘stores’. Maybe he must keep secret his most important ideals and hopes. Nevertheless, a chest can also symbolise his deepest examination.


Emotionally the dreaming must set limits to his feelings and secret longings. An empty or full box in the dream shows how he handles with the life.



The tin of Pandora, that is the history, as the negatives came to the world, is the best example of the symbolic content of a box at the spiritual level. The investigation of the world of the spiritual one requires perseverance and care.



  • you has secret wealth.

(European ones).:

  • a good omen. One will lead a life in prosperity and big satisfaction.


  • you will collect wealth.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Chest

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