Comedy dream dictionary


Comedy dream dictionary

Comedy – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The appearance in a comedy, listening of actors or the possession of funny poetries or books if it concerns pieces of the old comedy indicates derisions and Zwistigkeiten, – these are pieces of the contemporary comedy, it means in all remaining the same like the tragedy, only that they promise a good and happy end, – the action of the comedies runs out for usual then to it.


(European ones).:

  • appear even with: indicates at quarrel in the parental home, – moreover, other well do not think from one,
  • see: if a sign is for loose pleasure and pleasant duties,
  • spectator with an entertaining piece be: points to clownish, short-lived pleasure,
  • you will have to fight with difficulties and attacks on your honour.


  • see: good exit of your shops.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Comedy

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