Copy dream dictionary


Copy dream dictionary

Copy – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Imitation in the dream shows that the dreaming of that is aware that other people learn by his example. However, it can also mean that the dreaming is looked by other people than leader, even if he himself does not claim this role for himself.


If the dreaming copies another person, he is aware of that that he is able as to be as this person. If he imitates a person whom to him consider is, he recognises the bigger knowledge of the other. Then Ahmt the dreaming the negative actions of another person after, can show this doubt about his own integrity and request him to think about whether he is happy with his own behaviour.



At the spiritual level the mimicry stands in the dream for the initiation of the microcosm in the macrocosm and vice versa.



  • something: your enterprise will succeed, – also: get first the advice of good friends,

(European ones).:

  • prophesy people who are over to lead to one behind the light,
  • If a young woman believes, her darlings are copied, one uses her generosity, and she will atone for the mistakes more different.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Copy

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