Cocoa dream dictionary


Cocoa dream dictionary

Cocoa – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Cocoa announces that a bitter disappointment approaches. The cacao-tree against it can point to an interesting new acquaintance. As a luxury he is connected in the dream with positive sensations. The dreaming may be glad about lasting well-being. If the drunk cocoa is extremely hot, he becomes in the solution of a problem if he hesitates too long, must wait in vain for the help more different. Who sees drinking him in the dream somebody, wants to pull in the awake life maybe somebody by the cocoa which earns it not really.



  • drink: your health hardens.

(European ones).:

  • enjoy or cook: if a light indisposition predicts,
  • to unsweetened ones drink: if a bitter experience tells in,
  • see cacao-tree: if brings acquaintance with foreigners,
  • see: means that one will use sullen friends for his pleasure and to the advantage.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cocoa

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