Cliffs dream dictionary


Cliffs dream dictionary

Cliffs – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Challenge, – dizzy height. Question: – What do I strive for?


Cliff stands mostly for obstacles on the life which one will overcome only laboriously. Maybe the dreaming must do 1 step which makes him nervous or leads psychically to the abyss, so that he can overcome his fears and break through his selfimposed limitations. To stand in the dream on the edge of a cliff, means that the dreaming must count on danger. It is shown that it is necessary to make a decision as he wants to handle with the situation, and that he must maybe take a risk. The cliff which juts out only scarcely above the water surface always points to possible running aground, – translates: One has difficulties to carry out a good plan or a work successfully. If one sees in the cliff a ship running aground, the life ship must make a detour to become quick again.



At the spiritual level the edge of a cliff in the dream calls 1 step out in the stranger.



  • by the sea see: if it avoids travelling on the sea if you do not want to have an accident, – hidden dangers,
  • see in the mountains: is circumspect with a difficult job,
  • are on it and not down are able: the misfortune surrounds you, you will with difficulty escape from him,
  • escape on one: you have escaped from the danger, now success,
  • comes to the trouble

  • slip off from it and in the sea fall: in great danger get by which one easily finds his setting.

(European ones).:

  • sends a reminder to the care, also we should not refuse to strangers our aid, – one will come only after a lot of work to success,
  • cliffs by the sea see: now there lurk many hidden dangers on one.


  • see: Obstacles will position themselves to you in the way, but after heavy efforts you will come to success.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cliffs

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