Christmas dream dictionary


Christmas dream dictionary

Christmas – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Celebrations, – ceremonious, clear holiday mood, – reunion. Question: – What do I celebrate with which would like I to become one again?

In general:

If one dreams of a disappointment at Christmas, this can be a reminder not to attach own expectations too high, or to prepare Firmly simply, for this (or another). Also the religious side of the subject is to be considered. Was one ready in the dream to dedicate bigger attention to the religious questions?



Christmas shows the most important family party in the German-speaking and Scandinavian area. In this respect the meaning family also resonates with this dream symbol always. Harmonious Christmas refers to a pleasant family connection and often also to a longing for such an intact family. If the dream shows the Christmas as an unharmonious and loaded as tension, one should more exactly look at his family relations. Further the dream symbol Christmas stands for something saint. The light is born and with it is led on redemption and ‘Easter’. After a dark time it is getting light again what is called that it becomes easier after times of the drudgery and suffering again and lighter. Also presenting and being presented can play symbolically a role and raise the question on giving and taking.



  • celebrate: points to family luck and domestic security, – you will take part in a glad festivity, – also: you will spend tender hours.

(European ones).:

  • joy and peace in the house.


  • celebrate: you will receive glad customer.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Christmas

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