Cold dream dictionary


Cold dream dictionary

Cold – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – emotional coolness, – lacking circulation. Question: – Where do I lack warmth?


In the dream feelings are often translated into physical sensations. One behaves reserved – the respect is ‘cooled’. Thus dreams of ice, snow, cold wind and cold water are also to be understood. If the dreaming perceives cold in his dream, this is a tip to the fact that he neglects himself or feels impossibly. It is always a sign that in something freezes. This can be the reminder to begin on time against a possible illness or also quite simply against insensitivity, heart cold and other declining or suppressed feelings. Moreover: a symbol for the inclination ‘to keep out’ everywhere and to react just ‘coldly’ to the problems more different. If one wants to demonstrate his indifference to somebody, ‘one shows him the cold shoulder’. The exact meaning arises only from the individual living conditions.



Spiritual loss can express itself in the dream as an extreme cold.



  • feel: pay attention to your health. (Warning dream!) also: points to mental isolation and estrangement.


  • from cold is to be suffered a warning of the dream, the sympathy which one brings to you not to slight and not to abuse above all. They sometimes handle a little bit too rough with your people. A little bit more forbearance and mildness would be right. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • in all things one should be careful,
  • feel: one has become isolated and has become estranged from his family and his friends,
  • come to a cold area: one is disappointed by his environment and is treated cold-hearted.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Cold

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