Christ dream dictionary


Christ dream dictionary

Christ – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – higher consciousness, – redemption. Question: – Which part of me is near God?


Dreams with religious meaning appear in our time in which the faith steps more and more in the background, relatively often – mostly with the people who are in the second life half. Then the dream wants to point out to the fact that the dreaming should argue with the question after the sense of the life. One can interpret such dreams, however, also often as a loss of the internal balance. With religious people he can symbolise the relation to the faith, – then can become clear religious firmness as well as doubt, this depends on the accompanying circumstances. However, mostly he embodies own personality with all her possibilities, the ideal of the self-spiritual-emotionally being realised person who strives for more and more perfection. In this case the symbol often contains the request to take care of better self-knowledge to mature personally and to develop, – on this way Christ can also become the teacher and counsellor. Sometimes he is understood as a request not to lose the faith in himself and to trust in God or a favorable talent.




  • see: Joy,
  • appears: you are not lost yet,
  • him hear talking: Cheerfulness,
  • see him on the cross: Evil, downfall, – one has betrayed you and your love,
  • speaks to you: follow the advice of your friends,

(European ones).:

  • Dreaming one, to him appears our man and God Jesus Christ in a dream to which generally only the pure, holy people or the religious-strong emperors look up or convert, however, the worst sinners, that they and talks with him, he holds on the words which they may also be, steadfast, – however, man does not speak with him, he will be fulfilled if it is the emperor by joy and gain an entire victory over his enemies, – one of the pure heart, is holy and God-fearing, will find in his striving to God and in his joy permanence, splendour and growth, – the dreaming is a bad sinner, he becomes turn back and his life end in coach disposition. Also the emperor gives report for this interpretation: if a servant of the emperor has to be afraid of his rage and he dreams, the emperor lets him come and looks him, this will forgive him for all crimes and award, – so also aforesaid sinner will be saved by the show of man.
  • Dreaming to the emperor, an apostle, prophet or saint talks with him, if he holds on all words without every doubt, – he speaks not with them, but he looks only her appearance, he will be fulfilled by a joy which is lower, as if he had seen man, – an easy man will grow in his faith and make progress in his occupation. So we show that also in the picture.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he reveres a picture of our crucified Mr. Jesus Christ, it kisses or directs a request to the picture, he will win over his enemies and be glad of his fame because the cross with the body sticking in him of our Mr. Jesus Christ means immense victory and rescue from all need, – he looks only the picture of our Mr. Jesus Christ without cross, it means lower joy and lower victory. A my husband will take delight and fulfilment of his request.
  • see figuratively on the cross: if consolation and help,
  • promises

  • pray to him: Joy experience, – firmness in the faith,
  • hear see in general or talking: Joy and blessing,
  • in the garden Gethsemane finding: Their soul will be tormented by grief and need and feel big desire for change and distant lovers,
  • God appreciatively and praising: Luck and blessing always,
  • see as a child that is adored by learnt men: if a long peaceful time completely means prosperity, wisdom, a lot of joy and satisfaction,
  • the traders from the temple expelling: bad enemies are defeated and honest strains are recompensed.
  • If somebody in the dream our man and God Jesus Christ looks and recognises that it is really Christ, he will gain the welfare of his soul, earthly wealth and an immense victory.
  • he preserves

  • Speaking he also with man, all words, which he of him heard, without every doubt in his heart. It is late who looks such a face, – also: you will gather with Gönnern.
  • seen of Christ in an unknown house and he himself goes in there without leaving again it, he knows that he soon die, but will be saved, – also his heirs will attain dignity and offices and wealth in fullness.
  • Looking somebody an apostle or patriarch and he means, he sees Christ, the dream will come true for him in the same manner, only in far more modest measure.
  • in general: the feeling of the satisfaction comes about you, but you may not lose the faith.

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