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Chinese can be the wise teacher and counsellor who accompanies us on the way in the inside of the personality. The interpretation is based on old prejudices if one sees behind it a warning before the slyness more different or is admonished to be more honest independently. If one sees him in the dream, an unexpected change mostly linked with incommodities approaches. If the Chinese carries a long, thick plait, the dreaming must soon prove his negotiations talent.



  • see: a trip go on, – you stand before close doors,
  • with him speak: Visit at a distance get.

(European ones).:

  • very differently, – often fear of slyness or exposures of own slyness,
  • operate with one: one will get to act with a wrong person,
  • see one: Diligence leads to the aim.


  • you leaves the place of your stay and will come to an area in which you will like it very well.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Chinese

Chinese - dream interpretation and meaning
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