Chimney dream dictionary


Chimney dream dictionary

Chimney – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Energy source, – heat, – spiritual centre. Question: – What is for me from central meaning? What warms me?


After Freud a female sexual symbol that often neglected sexual needs bring to the prelight. If the fire burns in the dream chimney blazing and brightly, we have to fear neither in the sex life nor in the occupation something because we are always with passion and perseverance with the thing. If the chimney smokes and departs the smoke badly or not at all, is in the private life ‘a dense smoke in the kitchen’. If one sits before a chimney with fire, one may expect a more carefree future.




  • see with bright fire: good views have, – may be glad about good times, – the financial relations will make amends, – harmony in the family,
  • turn on in it (bright) fire: Joy and pleasure experience, – improvement of the situation by the offer of a better position,
  • to itself see sitting before one with bright fire: Luck in the love have,
  • coldly: joyless company,
  • without fire: one might lose unfavorable portent for the professional views, – in close future a good post.
  • with wooden fire: you will lead a nice marriage,
  • with coal fire: you have luck in your position.

(European ones).:

  • care before fire, – also: good omen for the domestic as well as for shops, – a prosperous year lies before one,
  • with a warming fire: if a lot of luck promises at own home, – points to carelessness,
  • without fire: it must be still done various ones to form comfortably the home, – bring worries and loss, either of a good post or a good person,
  • see smoking (darkly): points to worries in the household,
  • bright smoke from the chimney see climbing up: one is in an upward trend,
  • sit in one and read a book: one has longing for a person staying in the distance.


  • with fire: you will receive a good position,
  • fires in it went out: you will lose your position.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Chimney

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