China dream dictionary


China dream dictionary

China – Dream Symbol Interpretation

China symbolises the mysterious, mystic and irrational, but also the wisdom.

  • If one sees the country in the dream, the often important examination into own personality can announce, in the area of the individual and collective unconscious.
  • Travelling one to China, often registers that one has got on the way to recognise himself,
  • the dangers which can appear, besides are due often to the fear of the ‘irrational chaos’ in us.
  • of trivial can warn interpreted the trip to China, however, also about an adventure which brings though new experiences, but also risks with itself to which one has not maybe grown, however, is afraid of admitting this before itself and other.



  • on a steamboat go to China: one is discontented with his environment.

(European ones).:

  • see or there being: one will hear news, – whether they give, however, pleasure to an one, is doubtful, – also: unexpected idiom of the destiny,
  • see in the atlas or on a map: one has pangs of conscience,
  • go to China: if means a dangerous enterprise.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : China

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