Canal dream dictionary


Canal dream dictionary

Canal – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The canal is a similar dream symbol like the river. Because a canal is an artificial structure, he refers in the dream to the inclination, severity with the control of the feelings to let prevail desires and passions. Maybe the dreaming gives too much structure to his life at the expenses of his creativity. If a canal is put on, built so, this means that the dreaming must structure his knowledge about himself to create a functioning system. The stronger the watercourse is dammed and is adjusted, the more the dreaming has controlled his psychic energy in reality and has disciplined. The same is valid if the shores of the canal are concreted or are put on perfectly. The exact meaning arises from the whole dream action, above all from the state of the water and the feelings of the dreaming in the dream. Who looks in a sewer which leads slushy-murky water, will hardly probably make progress in a certain matter, look maybe even in the tube. If a big canal leads pure water, he carries our hopes that we will soon fix problematic.


At the spiritual level the canal stands in the dream for structure, definition and strict faith.




  • see: you will tie on new connections, – also: you are separated from your friends,
  • cross: you will overcome the obstacles,
  • with dirty water: Defamation and bad gossip,
  • canalise: you win new ground under the feet.

(European ones).:

  • an obstacle waits to be overcome,
  • see: indicates at not quite flawless shops,
  • take part in the construction of such: one will take part in an enterprise which has a big future,
  • ships on one see: one will tie on a foreign connection,
  • see in a standing dirty water: if promises illness, as well as dark machinations of enemies, – sign of the coming annoyance,
  • with clear water: it approaches pleasant in the life,
  • she will lead

  • Gliding a young woman in a canoe about the canal, a virgin life and have a loving husband.
  • crossed a young woman the canal on a bridge about clear water and collects on the shore ferns and other plants, she will lead a life of fully endless pleasure and take a high social position. If the water is murky, nevertheless, it will often get caught in a net of difficulties.


  • see: you will enter a connection.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Canal

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