Chant dream dictionary


Chant dream dictionary

Chant – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Key words: Communication, – true voice, – open, – heal, – the truth speak, – repetition. Description: Chanten is a form of the Singens with distinctive repetition character which helps itself of single words, however, above all also of single vowels. Chanten is a powerful method to give earth and all her children the energy of your voice to the mother. Chanten also played a role in the healing. General meaning: Your mouth open, – open your voice, – leave out your true sound, – give to your true message a voice, – receive a message, – receive healing. Pay attention carefully to single words or vowels, because they could be for the central part of your being of great importance. Trick meaning: – Transcendent meaning: A gift of the sound which can lead to the healing, opening and to understanding. Once again: Pay attention to what you in the dream chantest..

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Chant

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