Camel dream dictionary


Camel dream dictionary

Camel – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Ship of the desert, – perseverance. Question: – Which emotional resources do I carry in myself?


A camel in the dream shows as a rule the unusual or weird. It also represents accessible resources and obedience compared with a basic principle. Also in the unconscious it is a load bearer. It depends only on who carries the load: The camel (translates: one of our people) or we ourselves and the loads of psychic or physical nature can be. If one sees himself on a camel sitting, one can expect help and transfer a part of his duties to others. If one rides on a camel, one can calculate on the fact that one is shaken thoroughly on his life trip hard and reaches only without any hurry to the aim. The camel in the dream stands for staying power, modesty and selffrugality, qualities which the dreaming either already owns or must still attain. Because it can undertake long time regardless of privations, it stands in the dream as a symbol for the undemandingness and patience of the dreaming. The dreaming probably tries to master his long hard hauls with humility and patience. The camel can be knew in this connection also as a warning how to arise not too modest in his destiny, but how to develop more initiative.



At the spiritual level the camel is a symbol for dignity, bearer of the majestic, the sobriety and moderation in the dream.


(arab.): * about riding camels:

  • The quick Arabian camel mares mean misery, death and misery.
  • Dreaming one, he rides on a camel and this carries him in quick run there, will get Charon him because no animal amounts to the camel in the course of.
  • Seeming it one, he mounts a camel, rides a short distance and then dismounts again, he will fall in a bad illness, but recover again.
  • Dreaming one, he finds a camel, if it brings in his power and it tames, he will get of the emperor power because of the capture of a mighty Sarazenen.
  • biting

  • Becoming one of a camel in a body part, he will be punished by the authority, – what the single body part means.
  • Dreaming somebody, a camel kicks him, he will be worried before the authority, but suffer no damages because the camel has no hoof like the horse.
  • Acquiring one from this type camel mares and milk them, he will gain power and rule about the people of the Sarazenen, – the emperor will subject a foreign Völkerschaft after this dream, provided that the camels can be trained.
  • he will go through

  • Eating of a camel meat, a protracted illness, but recover again.
  • Seeming it one as if he runs like a camel he will attain delusive fame, while he talks big tones, but cover themselves with disgrace.
  • Dreaming one, he talks with a camel belonging to him, he will get so much power and wealth as he has changed words, – he speaks with a foreign camel, he will fill a high position and receive strange and unexpected people from distant countries.
  • Dreaming somebody, an unknown camel comes to his house, a high-powered prince will come to him, – the camel has been loaded with a part of his having and property and has trotted again of it, one of his house comrades will die, – the camel carries away some of his clothes, meets the evil the person who is connected to the garment.

* About load camels:

  • Dreaming somebody, he bumps into a furious camel, if it brings in his power and it binds, he will arrest a foreign mighty enemy, if the dreaming is a prince or the emperor, – a man from the common people will recover from a fatal illness.
  • Seeming it one, the camel bites him, he will fall ill and suffer power of the ruler.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, camels crowd in to his ruling area, he has to fear the inspiration of hostile Völkerschaften in his country, – that will correspond to the damage which the animals cause, which the intruders cause.
  • the enemy so much Having and property will drag off

  • Looking of the emperors that the camels with goods depart loaded from his country of how the animals were loaded with goods.
  • Acquiring of load camels, he will take over slaves and power from friends, – he acquires camels and he gets young animals, he will come according to their number to respect, power and possession.
  • Dreaming one, he owns a camel mare and sells or gets rid of them in any way, he will be released from a bad woman either by the death or by separation, – the camel mare throws a male young, he will get of an evil women’s room a nichtsnutzigen son if a female young, a daughter, has also taken like the mother.
  • Drinking of a camel milk, he will attain from the prince big means, however, with fright and illness.
  • Killing somebody a camel in his house and he keeps the meat, he will be punished by the prince, fall further in fright, illness and misery.
  • Finding one a camel skin and carries away them, he will win the property of a prince or big man, – a powerful figure dreams, he carries away the head of a camel, he will tear the possession of an enemy in himself, a usual man will earn from high man a profit of ten, hundred or thousand golden coins because the head means a principal sum and the called figures of perfect figures are.
  • see general: you will experience something remarkable, attain maybe also wealth,
  • with a hump: you have annoyance and frustration,
  • with two humps: big luck in the play,
  • see loading: one will master his difficulties and achieve a lot of success,
  • in the life still

  • ride on it: an unpleasant trip must go on.


  • one or several camels freely in the nature indicates to see, the dreaming should work hard on the obstacles on his way. Load-weight-bearing camels promise an unexpected profit. In general the camel is valid as a request on more activity and more vigorous activities. (Man


(European ones).:

  • symbol of the patience and rest by which one reaches more than by fury and rash action – indicates that one himself raises the necessary patience and strength in times of the most bitter need and under great difficulties, – one cannot be discouraged, – also: if a laborious trip which is connected, however, with big success – also promises: one will have to overcome many difficulties in matters which one believed to have done, – also: one will get to do it with a difficult person,
  • shop: one will win wealth and vitality by unusual circumstances,
  • one own: one may hope for productive enterprises,
  • on one sit: one encumbers with his own duties another,
  • with loads loaded camels see: after a big strain one will be recompensed,
  • see pulling a camel caravan by the desert: one will find out support if everything looks hopeless, or against expectation recover from an illness,
  • camel hair: the shops get in faltering,
  • the lilac: you show obsequiousness towards authority’s people.


  • see: you will receive an invitation for a festivity.

(See also caravan,’ desert’) Kamelaukion (The word kamelaukion appears in the Byzantine springs in different meaning. With Achmet it calls a cap or a hat. Imperial kamelaukion was a semi-circular, clinging cap which was taken with jewels wastefully, – some of them were let in the crown, others hung up to the nape down. kamelaukion is of Persian origin.)



  • Carrying one a Kamelaukion, as it normally carry everybody, means this his head or his superior.
  • his head or superior to him becomes

  • Sitting the cap comfortably on his head, fine if not, bad-woollen, – then in this case the dreamer displeases his head.
  • Seeming one, be Kamelaukion is dirty, his superiors will be according to the dirt in miseries.
  • the evil shows

  • Being the cap torn or become old, to just this person.
  • Falling them of the head, the dreamer will turn the back to his head to whom he is subjected, – is torn them to him of a stranger, will die the superior, – the malefactor is a friend, the dreamer will be separated by this or his equals of the superior.
  • a Kamelaukion to carry which is covered with the fur by cat, fox or a similar animal, means, one will get a head who is badly minded against God and the world because the called animals on cunning and malice go out.
  • sits up one against his habit a Kamelaukion, he will climb up to high dignity, measured in the beauty of the cap. If this is knows, he will be honoured by the people and be paid attention, she is green, high rise and in his faith attain a big name be if purple, full joy. The corresponding is valid from the remaining colours.
  • sits up one a Kamelaukion of imperial magenta, he will attain from the emperor dignity and Highness, – the Kamelaukion is very big, the luck will be even more favorable to him.
  • The Kamelaukion on the head of the emperor means the empress and his son.
  • Dreaming it to the emperor, he sits up a new Kamelaukion, he will get married if he is single, he has a spouse, a son generate. If the Kamelaukion is multicolored, the son will not correspond to his wishes, it is the usual, imperial, he will give to him pleasure and become his successor to the throne.
  • Carrying of the emperors be usual Kamelaukion, he will take in the newborn child and in the empress his pleasure. If he sits up the Kamelaukion to protect himself from rains or the sun, he will triumph about his enemies, and his victory will be so big like the protection which his cap granted to him.
  • he will bring Seeming it him which would be worked Kamelaukion from coats the wealth of his enemies of himself because animal coats point to prey which one has taken from enemies.

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